Get Organized Now – Space Bags

Get Organized Now - Space Bags

Get organized now with the new and improved storage system of space bags. These bags are made of a heavy duty plastic/vinyl material that uses a vacuum seal to shrink large volumes of clothing into amazingly thin compressed items that save space.

Use space bags for so many storage items such as to store your out of season clothing, blankets, pillows, heavy coats, maternity clothes or clothing that you may be saving for a younger child to grow into.

With space bags closet space, storage trunk space or under the bed storage can be organized greatly minimizing the total amount of space actually needed for items that once took up an entire closet.

Space bags come in a wide variety of sizes to suit almost any storage need you could have problems with.

Space bags help to prevent mold and mildew on clothing as well as they are dirt and water resistant so that clothing and bedding items can last as long as possible – saving you money in the long run!

Get Organized Now – Using Space Bags

Get Organized Now - Space Bags

Space bags are really very easy to use once you get them at home.

Open the space bag fully so that you can begin to fill it. Add similar items so that you will be able to place a label on it to know what is contained inside without having to fully open it.

Fill the space bag until you reach approximately 4 inches from the top in order to gain the best seal possible.

Push down on the items to remove some of the air.

Run your fingers along the zip tight seal.

Add a vacuum hose to the one way patented valve that makes the space bags very original.

Turn on the vacuum and remove the air while watching the compression of clothes happen right before your eyes.

Store the compressed space bag in a closet or on any shelf.

Get Organized Now – Types of Space Bags to Use and Buy

Space bags come in a wide variety of sizes to suit any kind of storage problem possible. Find space bags online at amazon or many other online stores and even look for free shipping or reduced pricing with multiple space bag purchases.

Space Bags Under Bed Large Tote Storage is large enough to hold a complete set of bedding, 2 pillows and 4-6 sweaters and a couple of lightweight jackets. Simply add all the bedding or clothing items that you want to store under the bed, use the one way valve to remove the air and watch the magical compression that will shrink one package by four times the normal size.

The exterior of the large tote is canvas with clear windows making easy visibility of all items stored and well as handles for easy removal from under the bed when you need it.

Space Bag Pouch

Get Organized Now - Space Bags

This space bag pouch is small enough to carry along in your RV or automobile as well as on biking trips or camping since it easily compresses to allow more items to be taken along on your trip but, in a much more compressed version.

All space bags are also reusable, just open the zipper area to remove clothing or bedding and add other items to store using the vacuum seal.

Space bags should last for many years with proper storage and care provided that they do not get cut or torn.

Hanging Space Bag

The hanging space bag allows you to place up to 10 garments on a hanger and shrink or compress without wrinkling to help your clothes last longer without any of those hanger marks or dust or yellowing from ruining your fashions.

The hanging space bag also prevents moths from ruining fine clothing as well as they are water resistant. Use the hanging space bag to store holiday dresses, men's suits or women's suits that aren't used frequently.

The hanging space bag is also useful to take with you while traveling since more clothes can be packed in a suitcase saving three times the space.

Where to Use Space Bags

Space bags are great for more uses than just organizing extra clothing in the home. Use space bags on a boat for the waterproof feature to keep items safe and dry.

Space bags are also great for traveling since you will be able to compress your clothing into smaller areas that more easily fit into luggage.

Space bags can help those you know also to get organized now so they make great gifts for anyone that you know would enjoy a more organized life or is in the process of getting organized or moving. Space bags are also great for college students since space in dorms and apartments is usually at such a premium.

Where to Buy Space Bags

Get Organized Now - Space Bags

Space bags are available online at amazon or the space bags website in sizes of small, medium, large, jumbo and in sets for large storage projects from prices ranging from $5.00 to $20.00 for a full set of these versatile storage bags.

Get started using space bags to get organized now and free up the clutter around you. You'll feel great when you are organized and know what you have and where it is!

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