Get Out Of That Job!

Have a pencil and a piece of paper ready to go. This is a fun activity and it is solely my opinion.

I am not telling anyone to take any actions and am not responsible if you do. I am just giving you a different way to look at your job.

Activity 1: Happiness

Write down if you are happy with your job or current occupation. If you are unemployed, still fill this out based on your last job.

People Are Afraid

People are inherently afraid. It is a fact that keeps us safe. With out it, we would make all kinds of crazy decisions. We would decide to run around at 2am in the bad part of town or go to party and drive home drunk.


Personal finance is no exception. We would spend our money recklessly until we had none left or worse, owed someone else a bunch of it. We would try crazy things. Eat things that were dangerous.

Go places that we shouldn’t go. Hang out with people that we shouldn’t hang out with. Fear is a powerful ally. But it also can be a powerful enemy as well.

I have noticed that people fear change. Honestly speaking, everyone does.

I fear change just as much as the next guy. When my routine changes or something out of the ordinary happens, it makes me upset and frustrated.

Activity 2: Do you fear change?

Write down what makes you afraid about leaving your job. And not just the big stuff, write down all the little things that you don’t like.

Remember, fear manifests itself in many forms. It can be anger, uncomfortableness, shyness, sickness, stress, exhaustion, etc. All of these can be signs of fear so make sure you are really writing them all down.

We are going to use this later. 

The reason is I am actually afraid of what might happen if something new comes into my life. It may be a new experience where I meet people for the first time or eat food I have never tried before.

It doesn’t matter what it is, it scares me.

Don’t ever be afraid to admit you’re afraid. I think that is what’s behind that famous quote “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. 

I run a small business in the food industry and I have a lot of employees that come and go.

It is apart of the minimum wage world. It does not anger me that my turn over rate is so high because I am not looking for career workers and most of my employees are either in college or just out and transitioning into new jobs.

But recently I had an employee who just celebrated his one year anniversary at my business. One year he had worked for me and did not seem to be going anywhere. I was happy for him but the problem was he is my age.

There is nothing run with working for minimum wage, but I began to feel that this person was afraid of the outside world.

If he was younger, I would not have thought anything of it. But it was more than his age. He consistently talked about going to New York to become an actor or working for this company or that. Becoming a designer here or traveling there.

Jobs Dead EndCredit:

Activity 3: 5 Things

Write down 5 things that you say to your colleagues, friends, and family about your wishes and dreams  when it comes to your job. 

I finally asked him when he was planning on going to these places and applying for these jobs. He would then give me a list a mile long of things he had to do and reasons he could not go at the moment.

I realized that he was afraid. I also realized that I had an employee who was stuck in a dead end job. He was not going to move up or get a significant pay raise. He was not going to make enough of a career working for me to pay his bills.

Activity 4: Write down 3 reasons you like your job and 3 reasons you don’t like your job

It came to a head. He work performance started to suffer.

He was not completing tasks and the work he was doing was way below par. After I spoke with him, I knew that he was trying to tell me something. He was trying to say that he was to afraid to make the decision to leave by himself. He needed help.

Activity 5: Rate your Job Performance

HONESTLY on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Beside it, write down why you gave yourself that score and are you happy with it. 

The next thing I did was hire a cook. I had to decrease his hours and decided to give him some time off. I told him that he needed to use the opportunity to find another job.

He was not as mad as I thought he would be but still, it was unpleasant.

Activity 6: Current Job

Write down what you would do if you were given a choice to stay at your current job or do something you never had done before but be paid $10,000 more a year. 

Since I gave him the time off, I have not heard from him. I heard that he went home but came back and is looking for a full time job. After all that, he still didn’t go to New York.

He routinely told me he had friends there he could stay with. Why didn’t he go?

The reality is, people are scared of change. People will take a dead end job and make every excuse in the book to keep it.

They will pull out a mile long list with every excuse known to man. The most recent one that I hear over and over is “The Economy is Bad”. I agree the economy is bad, but that doesn’t mean to stay somewhere and waste your one life.

It just shows that fear can be a powerful enemy and stop us from fulfilling our dreams.


Take your answers and view them from a positive and negative stand point. If your answers are negative, you are unhappy with your job and possibly stuck in a dead end one.

If you are happy with your job, then you are most likely moving forward with it.

P.S. Do not lie to yourself. If you get a positive feeling from your comments and still feel helpless at your job, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your answers. Don’t be afraid to admit it.

*** Next, try to answer the questions about one of your colleagues. Does he or she seems happy with their job? Do they talk about another place they would rather work?

Are they being honest about the reasons they are not there? Comparisons often help us see what we are doing with our lives.

Compare yours and your colleagues and ask yourself if they match or are different. If they are similar, you may find that you have fooled yourself into thinking you were happy or sad when in reality, you are the opposite. ***