You can sell your timeshare for cash much like you sell a house.

Selling a timeshare is much like selling a house or other property when it comes to setting a price, transferring the money, and having paperwork to sign. The biggest difference is that many timeshare owners get out of a timeshare by selling the timeshare themselves with little to no help from professionals. This is because there is less to do when selling a timeshare and selling it yourself can save you money on a property that is not highly valued. However, if you prefer to have professional help, there are several options available for you to sell a timeshare.

Pricing Your Timeshare to Sell Now

If you want to sell your timeshare now, it needs to be priced competitiveget out of a timeshareCredit: Flickr: Atur Staszewskily. Before officially putting your timeshare up for sale, you need to research its value. You will also need to have realistic expectations. In all likelihood, your timeshare has gone done in value from what you paid for it. This depreciation may be 50 percent or more. Very rarely do timeshare owners make a profit when buying and selling timeshares. Check Timesharing Today,,, eBay, and for sale notices at the property community board to get a good idea of how to price your timeshare. You usually won’t need an official appraisal as you would with a traditional property sale.

Advertising Your Timeshare

All of the sites listed above are also good places to advertise your timeshare for sale. Some of these options are free to list your timeshare and some will require a small, less than $50, listing or registration fee. If you use an online auction site such as eBay, put as much information about the property as possible into the auction listing. This includes information such as usage time, maintenance fees, amenities, etc so that the bidder is fully informed. Also, include as many photos as possible. Putting your timeshare on eBay or other online auction site as an auction is a good way to sell your timeshare fast. Also post as many good pictures of the timeshare as you can. People want to see how nice the rooms are and how nice the view is. Sell it with photos.

Using a Reseller

Whether you seek the help of a timeshare reseller or not, you’re sure to be solicited by one, or a few, once your timeshare ad is placed. Using a timeshare reseller is much like having a real estate agent for any other property and can make the process much less work for you. However, there are many timeshare reseller scams in the industry. A reputable timeshare reseller will not charge you any upfront fees. Instead, you should expect to pay a commission only after the property has sold.

Finalizing the  Sale

Once you have a buyer, if you are not working with a timeshare reseller, then you need to finalize the transfer paperwork yourself or with the services of a timeshare lawyer. If you choose to do this part yourself, there are organizations that sell timeshare reselling kits for reasonable prices. Another option is to use a timeshare selling service that will cost less than a lawyer but will handle the funds and deed transfer.