Basic Tips and Tricks to Getting Better Faster

No one likes being sick. So naturally, no one likes staying sick longer than they have to. Being sick is a drag. It takes the ability to think and do things out of you. Being sick makes it hard to work and hard to focus. Wouldn't everyone like to just not get sick? Or, when you do get sick, get un-sick fast? Here is a list of tips to help you get better and some other not so great tricks to avoid.


  • Drink tea. Some times the basic alternative medicines, like tea, are some of the fastest ways to get better. Lemon tea, peach tea, white tea, green tea, black tea, or any kind of tea you want. The hot water will help the get the drainage going and help clear out any mucus or snot. Green tea or lemon tea are some of the best bets. Green tea has other health benefits to drinking it and lemon tea is soothing (for when you have a cold that includes a scratchy throat.)
  • Try using a neti pot. Neti Pots, otherwise nose as a "nasal flush," are absolutely one of the best ways to clear out a cold. They are found at your local grocery or pharmacy store. Or, make your own version at home. Just pour the saline mixture, or just a teaspoon or two of salt, into the warm water and stick it in one side of your nose. Let it trickle out the other side and then repeat on the opposite nasal way. Nasal flushes are great at doing just that, flushing your nasal passages. They clear out all the gunk caught up in there in no time. You'll be feeling better just after using one! (Note- What if it won't come out the other side because you're too stuffed up? Just leave it sitting there for a while and then do it again on the other side. The warm salt water will still help break up whatever is in there, even if it won't come out the other side.)


  • Don't eat sugar. Sugar will shut down your immune system even more. It will weaken your body and will enable the sickness to stick around. Avoid processed sugar and sugary snacks as best you can. Natural sugars, such as those found in orange juice or fruit, are fine. 
  • Don't be too physically active. Having too much physical activity while you are sick will also weaken your body. Take the time to relax. Read a book, sit outside, or watch a little television. Just make sure to take care of your body.
  • Don't have too many dairy products. Some people are not as familiar with this one, but dairy can also prolong being sick. Dairy is especially bad if you have some sort of coughing problem or itchy throat. It puts a sort of coating on your throat, and just makes it feel uncomfortable.

There are many, many medicines and alternative practices out there to help you feeling healthy and better faster. If you stick to following some of these main tricks, your recovery speed will definitely be increased!