Everybody wants their goods and services as soon as is humanly possible, if not sooner. But when it comes to tendering payment, well, that sometimes falls by the wayside. Granted, with many businesses, payment is up front, but that's not always the case. Here are some ways that you, as a business owner, can make sure that customers remember your invoices, and consequently get paid faster.

Phone Calls

Boring! Besides, a lot of people have caller ID and voicemail. You'll be lucky to talk to an actual live human being. Anyway, phone calls are so old fashioned. Pass.


Your invoice? Yeah, it's here in our 'To do' pile!"
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kukkurovaca/3893304783

Hiding Out In Bushes, and Jumping Out

While it's a safe bet that your customers won't forget you or your invoice, it's safe to say that any money you'd collect would be offset by the legal fees incurred for challenging the restraining order. Pass.

Delivered By Howler Monkeys

Again, very unforgettable. Regrettably, the talents of shrieking and flinging poop are not much sought after when it comes to invoice processing; although they are absolute pre-requisites for a career in politics. Pass.

Create a Video

Imagine the surprise on your clients' faces when they check their Facebook pages and find a video link dedicated just to them! You can have your entire staff get in on the fun of making a zany music video, selecting some omni-present annoying pop song. There is no doubt at all that your customers won't forget anytime soon when they see your employees dancing around while singing:

Hey, you've forgotten
Or are you lazy?
But here's my invoice
So pay it, maybe?

On second thought, that song's been done to death. Pass.

Sad-Eyed Orphans

Take your children, the younger the better, dress them in rags, give them tin cups, and coach them with phrases like "Please, sir...I haven't eaten solid food in three weeks!" There are few people out there who couldn't help but to be moved by the plight of sad, hungry orphans. If you don't have children, consider borrowing some from a relative, a neighbor down the street, or that obligingly friendly group of tourists. Unfortunately, it may seem exploitive, and who needs the bad press? Pass.


Who can't help but to be delighted by the antics of these jolly harbingers of mirth? Your customers will be positively enchanted by the clowns' garish clothing, their painted soulless eyes, and rictus grins frozen on their pale as death faces, as they clutch the invoice in one hand and knock on your customers' windows with the other. At midnight.

Okay, on second thought, skip the clowns. Brrr. Pass.

You have three weeks from today to pay the full balance. Otherwise, you're going for a ride in our clown car.
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/griffleriff/4068387789

Better Invoices

On the other hand, all craziness aside, if you want to save energy, money, legal fees and jail time, there's the option of simply making your invoices more eye-catching and engaging. The more your invoices stand out, the more attention they'll attract, and consequently they'll get paid off sooner.

 There are many types of invoice software out there that enable you to design your own. Toy around with some designs and come up with something that has some zing to it. As a rule, people open up an invoice, read it, grunt with disapproval, then toss it into the pile of bills to be paid, where it just sort of blends in with the background of paper mountains. Don't go the boring route; make your invoices interesting. Have them reflect the unique characteristics of your business.