Taking online surveys is a fantastic way to earn a good extra income. In fact, if you get paid online surveys in abundance then you can make a living at home working the hours that suit you. Don't get me wrong, it requires hard work to make a full time living but it can be done. You will need to treat the survey taking like you would any regular paid job. Set aside time to do your work and you can make substantial amounts of money.

There are a number of pitfalls that you really do need to avoid if you want to get paid online surveys and succeed with your new venture.

Let's take a look at how to make the most money and how to avoid the pitfalls that see many people giving up before they have realised howmuch money they could have made:

  1. Firstly you should never hand any money over. None. If you are asked to pay for a list of survey sites or to be sent high paying surveys all the time then it is too good to be true. It is simply not how genuine survey sites work.
  2. Genuine survey companies are totally free to join. You sign up for free and then get paid when you complete a questionnaire.
  3. Register for all the free survey sites that you can find. The more surveys you get on a daily basis then the more money that you will earn. This is very important. You must join lots of sites to make a living from it.
  4. Get a good free list of survey sites and join them all. Never pay for such things though. There are good free earn money survey taking lists and you should take advantage of the work done by others to provide you with genuine and free sites to join.
  5. Comprehensively fill out the user profile when you join a site. The more that they know about you then the better the surveys will be that they send to you.This really does make a difference so don't neglect it.

If you want to take surveys, get paid, and not waste your time then forget about the scammers that want your money. Only join free sites and fill in all the surveys that they send to you. You will be surprised how often some sites send you surveys and how much youcan sometimes get paid.

This won't always be the case though. Sometimes you will get a survey and it will pay very badly. Still do it though. Many sites put you on a kind ofprobation when you first register. They send you the lower paying questions first to see if you will be a valuable contributor. Stick with it and you should see the payments rise fairly quickly. This is how you get paid online surveys.