Business Suicide or a Real Way to Make Money Online?

When I first started writing this post, I had signed up for a lot of “Get Paid To” programs, thinking it would be the answer to my financial trouble. I mean, what would be easier than getting paid for giving my opinion, or write a simple review on some product, read some emails etc.

I had even prepared a nice little list for you guys of all the different options out there, giving my opinion on all the different companies that pay you to do a certain task, thinking that maybe I could get a few bucks out of the deal as well if I could persuade enough people to sign up for free.

I never finished the post, and even if I would have, I am sure I would have had it deleted by now, because I would not want to sucker you into trying something out that is a complete waste of time.

You have heard it right, I believe all those “Get Paid To” programs are a total and utter waste of time. Some of you might jump up now and say that I am crazy because they themselves are making a few bucks filling in surveys or reading emails, but let’s be honest here, do the math, calculate how much time you would spend to earn a few bucks and then think about whether your time really is that cheap.

Most programs are scams anyways, never allowing you to reach the minimum payout so you waste your time, and have others make money off of you, without ever seeing a dime.

If that does not sound bad enough already, there are two other more important reasons why I would never ever again sign up for a Get Paid To program and I would really want you to think about the following:

1. The whole reason I went into making money online, was to be able to start working less in the future, while my earnings would go up, instead of trading my time for money and therefore never achieve financial freedom, selling myself short and devaluating my time. I want to make sure I am actually creating a strong foundation I can keep improving and amplifying.

2. The whole Get Paid to Review deal is going to be detrimental to your website in the long run. Cool, you might be making a few bucks here and there, but what you are doing is selling links, or in other words, selling page rank, having to post several links to whomever is paying you to do a review. In the long run you will get penalized for doing so by the search engines, and thus breaking down the importance of your own website.

This last point can’t be stressed enough in my opinion, because many people just don’t seem to get it, until they actually get penalized. If you are running a blog with low PR you won´t land any big orders of writing reviews because the companies really aren’t after the quick buzz a review might give them, they are after high quality links, even dictating how they want to be linked to.

Now, you might want to argue with me on this point, saying there are blogs out there showing that they actually receive hundreds of dollars for a review, but I predict this amount will soon go down. The ones that have made big money doing paid reviews, have gotten in at the right time, before penalization became a big issue and they were slapped by google last year.

So, if you are thinking about making serious money with your website, you might want to reconsider just how you plan on doing it. Just make sure you don´t get paid to trade your time for money,  nor get paid to kill your own pagerank!