The Internet Can Allow You To Get Paid To Travel

Get Paid To Travel Before It Is Too Late

Get Paid To Travel Or Make Money Traveling--Just A Dream?

 Use Words To Make Money Traveling

 Almost everyone enjoys traveling. However for most hard working people getting away from work to enjoy the country usually means one or two weeks away from the grind. Traveling around the world is definately out of the question. Most folks find that they have spent so much during their short vacations that they have to work extra hard or really scrimp to get the household budget back in order. The thought that they might get paid to travel never enters their mind

 Watching the travel channel or flipping through magazines only makes the desire to see more of the world seem impossible. Many unfortunate people will not only be able to save enough to really afford their retirements but will actually find they have to work during their retirement years just to pay the bills and enjoy any vacation time at all. They spend hours trying to find ways for earning extra money that will enable them to enjoy life just a little more.

Earning Extra Money


Young and old alike search for any method that will show them how to earn more income to save for retirement or to allow them to enjoy life just a little more before they are too old to do so. Surely earning extra money without killing themselves must be possible they think.

 Would it not be possible to get paid to travel or make money traveling? That would be one of the ultimate dreams. Discovering find ways to earn while traveling. Who was it that said "Find a way to get paid for doing something you enjoy and you will never have to work again?". If it were only possible to hit the road anytime you felt the urge to wander and not have to worry about paying for it.

 Actually if you think just a little "out of the box", it may be entirely possible to get paid to travel and more. And the asset needed to finance this dream of make money traveling would be simply, WORDS. What you ask? You must be mad! How can words pay for a dream?

 For most people who have spent a large portion of their lives working with their hands in industries such as automotive, electrical, carpentry or hundreds of other occupations producing physical products the thought of using mere words as a currency can be a difficult idea to grasp. But if they will just give it a little thought it should become clear how it might work.

 The Internet Can Allow You To Get Paid To Travel

 First of all we are living in an information age. The internet and other sources hunger forcontent. Not just any content but unique, interesting content. Content made with words put together in a fashion that makes the finished product something that others would enjoy reading.

 Our Memories Dictate What Our Words Will Be

But you say, how can there be any unique content? Almost any thought in the world has been written at least once? Very true. But it is not the information itself as much as the manner in which it is presented that makes it unique. Have you heard a joke dozens of times but only found it funny when a certain person tells it. Do you find yourself reading the same editorials or news articles every week just because you enjoy the way the author puts his or her words together.

 When you realize that every human being that has been alive for any extended period of time is actually a human magnet. Age is like fly paper. Ideas and experiences stick to everyone of us just like fly paper attracts and holds insects. When we decide to put our thoughts on paper we use words that are filtered through our life time magnet.

 If a group of friends were discussing cast iron skillets one of them might be reminded of Sunday morning breakfasts with the family all gathered around the kitchen table while mounds of pancakes and scrambled eggs appeared like magic from a huge skillet.

 Someone else may be drawn back to a shabby hunting cottage somewhere in the woods filled with sleepy hunters waking to the odor of bacon and eggs being prepared by one of the hunters who loves to cook and would not dream of using anything but a cast iron skillet.

 If these two people were asked to put their memories down on paper how different they would be while still being based on the memories of something as simple as a cast iron skillet. Again it is not the thought or the story but how the story is told that makes it interesting and gives it value.

 Well this is all very interesting you may be thinking but how would that pay for my travel or allow me to get paid to travel? I have never written articles. Or sure I wrote term papers in school and wrote lots of long letters to my girlfriend when I was in the service. Had to fill out resumes when looking for work. But articles? How would I do that and what would I do with them once they were written.

 The answer is the internet. The internet gives anyone access to the world. With a little study anyone could build blogs or websites. They could put their articles on these sites and with a little skill attract visitors who come to read their stories or product reviews and then click a link and purchase a product.

 With a little work and desire a number of these sites could be built. Once they are active they would need a little work to add new and current articles and do other backlinking tasks to bring traffic to these sites. These sites would then be on the internet like ATM machines on every corner earning affiliate commissions while more or less unattended.

 A person who had properly built these sites could travel at will stopping periodically to keep the sites up to date. Their commissions would be paid into their bank account or an online service like Paypal and money could be drawn out at will to pay for the travels. In other words you make money traveling.

 This is one method. But there is a simpler method. This could actually be done without ever building a website. There would be no need to figure out how to get traffic to your sites or to worry that something might go amiss with your sites while you are traveling. The secret is a directory like the one where you are reading this article.

 Think about this. You write articles and submit them to this site, InfoBarrel, where the owners are responsible for all the maintenance. They or their employees make sure the site is up and running and drawing traffic. Because they have such a large base of content the site draws much more traffic than you could ever draw to your sites while traveling.

 Once your articles are submitted three types of your personal affiliate ads are automatically placed on each article giving you three methods of earning commissions. Your commissions are sent to your bank or Paypal account and you can withdraw funds at any ATM machine anywhere in the world.

 Several times a week you could stop at a coffee shop that has wireless service. Don't they all have it now? While drinking your favorite beverage and trying to decide which pastry to sample today you can write and submit a few more articles. Hey! How about writing about all the fabulous places you have been this week. How tough could that be?

 Putting your thoughts on paper in your own words might just be the easiest thing you have ever done. If you are not sure you can write you can find dozens of spots on the internet where you can quickly learn how easy it is to write interesting articles.

 Get Paid To Travel Before It Is Too Late

 Life has a habit of passing quickly. Don't wait too long to get paid to travel or make money traveling--It is not Just A Dream.