I get paid to write articles online, so could you; it is an online job, rather than an online get rich quick scam. If you are over 50 years old and unemployed it may be the only job you are likely to find.

What are Online Articles?

Every website online needs unique content. A large website will need 50-100 new pages every day. Those pages will mostly be filled with short pieces of writing of about 750 words, articles in other words. These articles have to be related to the central theme of the website.

Who Needs Articles Writing?

Website owners are all looking for well-written and relevant articles for their websites. They need them to keep their visitors interested and onsite longer, so they are more likely to click on and ad and earn money for the owner.

There are over 5 million, million websites, so if only a quarter of them are looking for new content once a week that means that more than 178,000,000,000 new articles are needed every single day, and will be for the foreseeable future. This means that there is a massive potential for you to get paid to write articles online for these websites.

Some companies will produce the articles needed to fill those pages in-house, but most contract out the article writing via article middlemen like Constant Content or Associated Content.

Why Do These People Need Articles Written?

Google ranks sites that have new content higher. Sites that never change from one year to the next slowly go down in search engine results. Every website owner wants to rank on Google's page 1, so they all need new content, on at least a weekly basis.

Google also ranks websites higher if they have unique content. This is content that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Most people who own websites own 10, 20 or more and writing all the necessary content is impossible, so they contract out for articles to be written.

How Do You Get Paid To Write Articles Online?

Upfront Payment

Writing for upfront payment is a good idea, at least when you start writing articles. Demand Studios pays $15 for an article, straight to your PayPal account twice a week. Constant Content and Associated Content have similar payment systems.

Upfront payment means that you are paid to write the article, but only once it is delivered. In the online world, nobody will pay an unknown article writer for an article they have never seen.

Advertizing Share Payment

There are many sites that pay you a share of advertising earned by the Adsense ads they place around your articles. This suits some people better, because they are paid for years once they have a good number of articles online, it provides a residual income. InfoBarrel is the only one of these sites I can recommend; you earn at least 75% of the Adsense earnings from your articles. I write articles for InfoBarrel myself and earn 90% of the Adsense clicks on my articles, because I meet the simple writing targets each month.

Where Do You Submit Your Articles?

You could write a few articles for a particular website. Contact the owner and ask if he or she would consider paying you to write two or three articles a week. You would need at least one article as a sample, as a freebie, for goodwill.

You could set up your own website very easily and post your articles on there. It is much easier to set up a website than most people think. I've done this and have set up a site about article writing, even though I know nothing about website coding. It is written using Wordpress, a free website design program.

You could submit articles to PostUrOwn.com, who allow you to put your own ads on your articles (a very simple job of copy and paste).

You can use Ezine articles and other article submission sites. You will not get paid cash to write articles for eZines, nor any other article directory. These sites give you links; links are essential to help your own website to grow in popularity. Website owners are allowed to download copies of your articles to put on their sites. They do not pay for this privilege and the only condition is that they have to give you a link back to your own website.

Which Article Titles Pay The Best?

If you want to be paid for writing articles online, then you need to write the articles people want. The contracting websites pay the piper, so they call the tune. Constant Content pay you $15-$80 to write an article with a given title and usually optimised for a given set of key words.

For advertising share websites you need to concentrate on review and similar articles that are designed to solve a reader's urgent problem.