You might want to get paid to blog for free so you'll have extra money to help pay the bills. Some bloggers even go pro & turn it into their full time job. Most bloggers go through an obsessive period where they post several times a day. You mine as well make money for it. Here are several ways to get paid to blog.

Rethink paid posting. There are several sites out there that will pay you to insert a link into your blog or review a certain company or website. This is one of the easiest ways to get paid to blog. Most of the other ways to make money with your site require large amounts of daily traffic. However, there is a downside to these companies. They usually require you to have a certain page rank. Google usually gives blogs that do paid posting a PR of zero, so the money won't last forever.

Make your readers aware of your ventures. Some regular visitors to your blog might be in an uproar when you start getting paid to blog and write articles from home. They will figure out where the links are coming from & may even threaten to unsubscribe from your feed. You have to walk a fine line between making money & not selling out. Try not to promote products that you don't use, or even care about. Also, try to promote sites or links that relate to your blogging niche. This way they won't be such of annoyance to readers. Plus, you'll draw more interest & make more money.

Reign yourself in. This is essential when you get paid to blog. You might be tempted to fill your sidebar up with affiliate links. Then you can do several paid posts per day. This will make your blog seem like spam, both to your readers & the search engines. You will see an increase in earnings, but it will only be temporary. Eventually the search engines will catch onto you & you'll see a decrease in traffic. It's better to utilize monetization techniques that are search engine approved. You'll make more money over time with a program like google adsense, without having to worry about being penalized for it.

Free products are almost as good as making money. This is one of the hidden ways that people get paid to blog. Advertisers will offer you free products like DVDs or books if they relate to your niche. They do this in hopes that you'll give them a positive review. The more you build up your site & become an authority in your area of expertise, the more offers you'll get.

You can also get paid to blog simply by promoting your existing website or estore. This will help you rank higher in the search engines & will drive more traffic to your site. You can even have your blog as part of your website so your customers can get to know the person behind the business.

Don't count your money before it hits your Paypal account. You might just think that you need more time to write. Then you'll get paid to blog & can finally stay home with your kids. However, there are a lot of ins & outs in the industry. During the recession a lot of companies cut their advertising budgets & there's generally less money to go around. You might want to consider blogging as a hobby or a part time job until you consistently see money rolling in.

It's an adventure when you try to get paid to blog. Some companies will go under just as soon as you start making money with them. It has its ups & downs but it's always interesting.