Getting paid for articles is the dream of many. With the economy in recession many workers are looking to supplement or even replace their existing income. If you get paid to write you can pay your grocery bill or even your mortgage. You don't need an English degree to be a writer. While it's difficult to sell a book in the traditional publishing world you can earn money for working at home. You usually have to write on topics that are chosen for you or that will deliver the most traffic.

Use residual sites. These are entry level extra ways to make money cause you don't have to worry about  alot of coding. Residual income means that you earn a percentage of whatever the company earns. This may mean that you earn nothing, or that one article makes you thousands. Balance residual income with flat fee sites. Residual income makes you money on days when you don't work at all. It's also one of the most uncertain ways to get paid to write because you are never sure how much if anything you will make. You usually need a base of at least a few hundred articles before you start to see steady residuals. This way you'll always have money coming in from one source or another.

Blog. Blogging offers freedom if you want to know how to make money from writing. You are allowed to create your own content on whatever subject you choose. The most popular way of monetizing a blog is through Google Adsense, which automatically places text ads on your site. You receive a few cents per click. You can also monetize a blog by getting paid for links, but Google frowns on this. In order to make a significant amount of income from blogs you will need to write about topics that are in demand so you can either get quality or quantity of ad clicks. Most blogging software does the technical side of the work for you. A successful blogger will need a healthy base of SEO knowledge so their work ranks well in the search engines. Unlike working for another company you need to drive all of the traffic and build the links yourself. The plus side is that you have control over your content and the direction that your blog will go. Blogging is a very saturated field with lots of competition and uncertain pays offs.

Write online for money for someone else. Many companies offer get paid to write work. You write an article based on their titles. These jobs only pay a few dollars and might require extensive research. You'll probably have to follow the company's style guidelines and subject yourself to editors. You also won't retain the rights to your work. Like a traditional work environment writing for someone else means that you can be laid off at any time.

Diversify. No one knows what the get paid to write industry holds. It may be at its peak, or it's just developing. Work for several different companies and in different forms. This way you'll always have work even if one company goes out of business or lets you go.

Develop a thick skin. If you write articles, editors may be rude to you. If you work on some residual sites other users will tell you that your work is sub par or they are better. When blogging you have to deal with hateful comments. Getting paid to write isn't for the sensitive. Maintain an inner sense of calm and confidence that will allow you to face the almost daily rejection that comes from making a living writing.

Keep at it. When you first start trying to get paid to write you may only make pennies a day. As you develop your body of work and produce quality content you'll earn respect and recognition in the field. Build your article or blog base by writing everyday even if no one seems to be reading your work. Take time to hone your craft and increase your skills.