Moms make money from home

Over the last 2 years I have received mixed reviews over my "job." I am a stay at home mom that writes content for money. When I tell people what I do there are two main reactions. "Cool, I want to do that!" and "No one makes money online it's a scam!" A recent thread, in our Info Barrel forums, and a poll of sorts, to gauge the reactions other people get is the reason for this article. The last year has shown more people are looking for opportunities to get paid to write online. I can assure you that writing content online for money definitely isn't a scam.

What is Writing Online? Long Answer:

Writing online, for money, gives advertisers a place(web page) to sell their products. Writers, like me, write content, either for themselves, or for a content company that allows participation in the Google Adsense program. Product makers go to Google with an advertising budget; Google comes to the content writer who will write articles to fill the order for advertising. The content writer will be paid a flat fee, or a percentage of ad revenue. Writing online for residual income can seem like a guessing game, writers need to be aware of the tricks and tips that help them succeed in their writing careers. It is very legal to write articles for money, it is also very profitable.

What is Writing Online? Short Answer:

I have an opinion, people look to me for advice, and I like to get paid. I couldn't think of a single other job that would pay me for what I had to say. (Except the psychic network, but the dress code is horrible.) I like to research, in-fact, I spend most of my time doing it. I know that others, (who don't like research) want information they are looking for, in condensed versions they can understand.

What Do I Need To Know About Writing Online?

Work From Home Jobs for WritersAnyone, who writes content online for money must know that all content companies aren't created equal. There are companies that pay well, (where this article is hosted) and then there are companies that pay by a secret algorithm that they guard like the formula for KFC chicken.

Writing online for money is not a get rich quick scam. It takes month's and in some cases years to see any return. In my case I tried it out to see how things would go. I put 20 articles on a content site and made $72.32 in 30 days. Seeing the potential, to earn money from home, was enough for me to realize I needed to jump in with both feet. I worked hard to build an article base, and then watched the earnings trickle in. After a few months I was well on the way to meeting my income goals.

There are rules to writing online, as with any job. Tricks of this trade (Back-Link Link Magic and SEO) are important to learn, and practice makes perfect. No one can put 3 or 4 articles on a content site and measure earning potential. I guarantee you that if you put as much effort into writing online as you do a part time job you will see earnings. How much you earn is dependent upon how well you apply yourself.

Why Don't You Write For Yourself?

Simply, I don't have time. I am a mom of 6 children, and they come first. Building a blog or website takes more time and dedication than I am willing to give it right now. Working from home and writing online is a way to earn money while my children are small. Writing for Info Barrel is a great way to test out now what I will do in the future. The retirement plan, of residual income, is tops in the industry.

Passive Income Writing OnlineWriting online for money also allows me to develop a web presence. A web presence developed now will follow me when I do decide to open my own websites. A web presence is your reputation online, and reputation can carry you a long way. Google gauges your reputation by its Google Page Rank algorithm. Search engines have a similar algorithm for determining your reputation online. I work hard, at building these reputations, and I will reap the reward from my efforts in the form of residual income.

Do You Get Excited About Online Earnings?

Of course! I get excited about pennies. I also get excited over dimes, quarters, and dollars. I am ecstatic over the fact that I go to sleep and wake up to money in accounts. I have several writing accounts across the internet and all of these accounts contribute to the overall goal. My goal, is to replace our families income and provide a good life for my kids. I started small and made enough money writing online to pay my phone bill, and then my electric bill, and I kept working at it.

How Can I Make Money Writing Online Right Now?

If you are new to making money online and you need instant payout Text Broker is a great way to get started. At Text Broker you will write sales copy. Typically content will be 300 words long and pay $2.50-$3.00. Some may consider that slave labor, (much less than I make here) but, if you are fast and efficient you can make $60-$75 a day. It's more than minimum wage, and it's a job you can bring your kids to. Text Broker pay's authors twice a month and is the quickest way to see a return from writing.

Do you write at Text Broker?

Baby Helping Mom Work From HomeYes I do. I use Text Broker as an account that pays for unreasonable things I want to buy. Admittedly this is how I curb the urge to spend frivolously. If I want something that is outrageous I am disciplined enough to earn that money from Text Broker. I earn much less there, than any other place I work for online, so I must really want something bad to make the money to buy it. This is not to say the company is bad, it is what it is, quick money that you can make in a pinch for emergencies. Impulse buying just happens to be my emergency.

Would You Recommend Writing Online To Anyone?

Absolutely! I often do, which, gets me in trouble. People have been scammed before, by all the get rich quick, MLM schemes, envelope stuffing, and assembling model airplanes from home, crap. They are unwilling to even entertain the possibility that this is a true way to make money. My own family and friends have a hard time wrapping their heads around what I do. They all know me to be trustworthy, and honest, and they know all the income in this home is made ONLINE. Fear still keeps them from realizing their dreams.

Start Earning Money From Home!

Passive Income Working From HomeYou must start somewhere, even if it is small. Many writers in the Info Barrel community didn't take big leaps into this business. Writing online for money is a business, and one we take very seriously. I wouldn't put my name on it, if it wasn't true. Join in the community, (it's free) ask some questions, get some real answers, and make the decision yourself.

Do You Have Any Regrets?

Yes. I regret that I let the opinion of others drag me down. In the beginning of my writing career I lost sight of the big picture. I forgot about why I was doing this, and I was tempted by the easy way out. Listening to others did nothing for my career but set me back 8 months. Writing online isn't for everyone, but, I have yet to find anyone who regrets the choice to try.