You're here so you've figured out the first step to get quality backlinks. Getting them is only the first step of the battle. First it is one and then it is 100, the more the merrier. Isn't that so?

It is so, however you need to make sure you are getting targeted anchor text when looking for backlinks. Whatever keyword or keyword phrase you are trying to rank for, that should be the text of the link itself. For example "get backlinks" would send you to a blog page about getting backlinks.

Then there is that pesky little thing I like to call, More Backlinks??? That's right just when you think you've gotten all the possible back links for your blog or website it turns out that you also need incoming links for your links. Well shoot.

Ok need them might be stretching it a little. It's more like, it's handy. It's convenient? It is good SEO? What do I have to say to make you leave and go get'em. I just told you to and still you read.

If you like reading I guess I can find a few more things about backlinks to talk about.

Perhaps we should talk about getting backlinks by using your own blog. That's right every time you link something within your own site it counts too. The funny thing about a website, the more pages it has the more the site is worth, page rankwise. Even a site with absolutely no incoming links can attain a pretty decent PR just by the sheer volume of posts on it.

It is a fun little work around. I mean if you're going to be writing so a millions articles to send links to your site, you may as well take half those articles and turn them into posts on your own site. It is not going to cause your site to suddenly be the best on the block, but it does give you an advantage. Every advantage counts when you are the new kid on the block.

You can help to convince the search engines that you know what you are talking about by having a lot of posts. Maybe some of those posts will even make sense. If you're like me most of them won't but I tend to write when I am half asleep so it is natural that I make little sense.

Speaking of little sleep, I'm going to go to bed while you try to get quality backlinks.