Read Better at Night

If you have ever tried to read in bed and not disturb anyone, then you will appreciate reading glasses with lights.

These are a really cool idea.  With small batteries, you can have LED lights in the frame of the glasses that will actually light up your page or where ever you are looking.  It is a nice light that is perfect for reading or close up work.

You can also choose to turn this off or on.  It makes a perfect addition to anyone who not only needs reading glasses, but needs a bit of extra light as well to see things better.  Such as in dark restaurants when trying to see the menu or reading with only a soft light in the bedroom or living area, this extra LED soft light can really help to light up print without glare and without causing eye strain.

If you have had your eyes checked and get them checked regularly, but find you need some magnification for reading books or texts or laptops, you may want to check out affordable reading glasses.  You can get these in fun and funky styles, to help you see the written word or those texts without straining your eyes.

Reading glasses that you can find in the drugstores or department stores and online, are basically magnifying glasses to help you see better when it comes to reading and other close activities such as knitting and needle work.  They usually come in different magnification strengths, such as 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 etc. reading glasses with lights

When trying to figure out the strength you need, bring your book with you or your cell phone and try some on and see which magnification works best for you.  If you already know the strength you need then you can get your reading glasses anywhere, even online. Lighted Reading Glasses 1.50 Night-Light LED Frame

Reading glasses with lights in them are a great added bonus, especially when it comes to doing not only reading but hobbies and close up work.  If the lighting in your room is not the best for reading, then getting a pair of lighted reading glasses is a great way to add extra light that does not glare back at you, and always lights up the right area.

You can get LED reading glasses at larger department stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.

Shopping online for reading glasses with lights, is a great way to find more variety.  Many stores do not stock too many styles of these reading glasses, but by shopping online there will be a much larger variety to choose from.

Find ones that you like and are going to wear and keep them anywhere you do your reading or close up work.  Don’t stop your hobbies or reading just because it is evening and the lighting in your room is not that good, or if you like to read in bed without disturbing anyone.  Either way, lighted reading glasses is just one more way to let you carry on with the activities you love without eye strain or discomfort.  So, keep reading that book you just can’t put down, or work on that hobby, by getting reading glasses with lights.