Whether you are a new associate or one that has just been struggling to grow your organization, you have come to the right place. Recruiting new associates does not need to be hard work, it works best if it is fun to do. To really be successful, you must be able to teach those you recruit how to duplicate what has worked for you. Here is a system I have found that worked for me in the past. Just read the system, make sure you have all the components of the system and then plug people into the system and let the system do the work for you! You won't build your business, the system will!


  • APPROACH everyone
  • PEEK their interest
  • EXCHANGE contact information

Where ever you are, there are people who can benefit from joining your team - the grocery store, the mall, the laundromat,the movies, the gas station, the post office, the doctor's office, a restaurant, work, church, EVERYWHERE! There are people you know you haven't shared your opportunity with such as your hairdresser, mechanic, air conditioning repairman, carpet cleaner, plumber, neighbor, postman, friends, and family. You don't have to be obnoxious to share your product, just approach everyone with a simple system. Always remember that you are just collecting relationships at this point, nothing more.

Start by putting a smile on your face and at least for the moment be happy. Introduce yourself to anyone within your 3 foot zone (if you are close enough to shake their hand). Simply say, "Hi, how are you doing today? My name is Sandy." You can add a quick comment about the weather, traffic, or something else appropriate for where you which will give them a chance to respond in kind. Often they will give you their first name since you said yours. Let's say George responds - George will usually give you his first name & if he doesn't but he is talking with you, you will have an opportunity to get his name in another moment or two. If George is not friendly in his response, just move on to the next person; George would probably not be a good prospect at this time anyways.

If George has engaged you in a friendly conversation, take advantage of it with the following direct conversation: "George, can I ask you a quick question?" Wait for his positive response and then say, "Could you use some extra cash?" (90+% of the time they are going to say yes). Whatever his answer, immediately ask him "Do you know others that could use more money each month?" (If he said no to both of these questions, move on because he is not qualified to be your future recruit). When he answers YES, ask "George, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PAID FOR HELPING OTHERS MAKE MONEY?" then be quiet!!! Listen very carefully to his answer.

When they answer yes or how, say something like this: "I KNOW YOU ARE BUSY RIGHT NOW, SO LET'S EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERS SO I CAN CALL YOU TOMORROW WHEN WE WILL BOTH HAVE MORE TIME FOR AN EXPLANATION" Ask George for his name if he hasn't already given it to you, a phone number and email address and give him your phone number. End the conversation something like this: "George, thank you for your time. I look forward to talking with you tomorrow, WOULD 10 am or 7 pm BE BETTER FOR YOU?" Get an appointment time to call.

DO NOT TRY TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING AT THIS TIME!!! You are only prospecting to collect qualified names, phone numbers and email addresses. This should be a very brief conversation so that you can move on quickly to find as many potential prospects with which to build relationships as possible.

BE PREPARED to do this at anytime, anywhere! Always have a notepad and pen with you to write down the recruit's information. Look organized, even if you are not - practice will make this easier to accomplish. Set yourself a goal – every time you drive your car, you will get at least ___recruits (not only will this increase your business, but you can document that you are using your car for business purposes every time you go out and that makes it a good tax write off!).


Most companies have a system in place for you to call for a sizzle call (a quick - less than 3 minutes - commercial to highlight why join). If yours does not, they must have a something on the Internet or a DVD that you could direct the person towards while you are on the phone with them. If they don't have anything in place, maybe you can get creative and develop something that will work for you. Discuss this with your leaders and the person who enrolled you as it is something they should know about. In addition, you must make sure they are available when you are doing your follow-up calls to 3-way with you and your prospect should you need them.

Gather together the information you collected and organize your follow-up appointment times. At the appointed time, call George to follow-up as promised and the conversation should go something like this: “Hi George, this is Sandy. I met you yesterday at ____________ and promised I’d call to share more information with you. Do you have a few minutes?"

Give George a brief minute to answer. You want his attention and if a child is screaming in the background or he has another call on hold, you might need to reschedule. Remember, this is the relationship building phase of recruiting and if you are considerate of his time, he should respond more positively when the time comes to present your opportunity. When George says that he has a few minutes, begin with a brief social question such as "How is your day going?" or "Have you had the chance to enjoy this beautiful sunny day?". Don't spend much time socializing, just show that you are interested in George as a person briefly.

As quickly as possible, switch the conversation back to business by saying, "I have something I would like you to hear that will explain things much better than me rambling on, you need to hear this. Hold on a minute.” Immediately, click over and 3-way to a sizzle call about your company.

When the call is over, say “George, ARE YOU STILL THERE?” (if not, don’t worry – you just disqualified another person & won’t waste any more of your time).

If they are still there, next say “George, WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST HEARD?”

Listen to their answer. What ever the answer, say “THAT’S GREAT, George. I FELT THE SAME WAY WHEN I HEARD WHAT YOU JUST HEARD. HOLD ON A MINUTE George, let me get my business partner on the phone so he can answer any of your questions. I love how there is always someone just a phone call away to work with me here at (your company's name). Immediately, click over and 3-way the company leader you have pre-scheduled for this time.

Now the easy part, introduce your recruit to the leader. “(the leader's name), I have my new team mate, George, on the line. George is from ______________ and we just finished listening to the presentation and he is most interested in the _____________ part of the business. George, this is (the leader's name), a top leader in (company name) who has worked his way up in less than a year and was able to quit his corporate job just recently after doubling his corporate income working this business part time. (You can modify this example to tell your leader's story).

The leader should now take over. Sit quietly and listen as you let him do what he does best – close the deal!

If all has gone well, that should be IT!! You may have to follow-up to walk George through the sign-up process, but that is the fun part of prospecting. Instruct George to visit your web site and click on the “JOIN NOW” link.

If you want to take ownership of your business, you need to make a plan of action and then TAKE THE ACTIONS THAT YOU PLANNED for at least one year. Feed yourself BELIEF in yourself and your company at every opportunity. INTRODUCE yourself to everyone and establish a relationship with them. USE this simple system to offer your opportunity to those with whom you have started building a relationship. If you do this, the money will find you. It won’t be the people you know now that will make you rich, It WILL be the people that you are about to know that WILL!