'I need some space', 'it's not you, it's me', I just can't do this anymore. No, I am not stating a breaking up cliché, what I am trying to do is merely divert your attention to the subtext to all of these statements. Why do we start feeling bored and fed up with something that we actually liked in the first place? It's not only relationships; it can happen in your job or when you buy a new home. Just after a few weeks if you happen to see a better one you become dissatisfied of the one you were oohing and ahhing about just three weeks back. We live in the fast lane, with the fear of others zooming past us. We're reminded everyday that we should have a perfect life style; a perfect job, the perfect house and much more.

But in the rat race of life, we forget two essential words which keep us going…. 'get relaxed', shed away all those desires and ambitions for a while and just chill. Getting relaxed is what revitalizes and rejuvenates you; it keeps you healthy and sane for the rest race of life. The pressure of society and the world take a toll on your body as well as your mind, and to cure yourself of these deathly tensions, you just have to incorporate two magical words in your life and every tension will go away, ' get relaxed'. Relaxation permits you to have a break from your usual routine; it gives you time to think, to breath, to feel. It is - and should be one of the components of everyone's life style.

One can get relaxed by doing various small tasks. No one is saying you should climb mountaintops to ask yogis the secrets of life. Just listen to your favorite song and hum it along, you will feel instantly relaxed. Enjoy a cup of steaming coffee with the T.V off so you can enjoy each and every of drop of it. Just take small pleasures of life that revive you, you will get instantly relaxed and only then you will be able to take on this world again.

Living consistently will help you to not only get relaxed, but also stay relaxed. It's the small pleasures in life that will keep you going. Treat yourself each week to finding a way to stay relaxed and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.