Anyone involved in Internet marketing soon finds a lot of demands on their time with a list of tasks seeming endless. There are many tools available to automate some of those tasks, saving time and allowing more productivity. Email autoresponders are a time saving tool used by many marketers. In fact, most inbox emails have been sent using an autoresponder. The ability to send a regular stream of messages to subscribers is very effective. It is a way of building a trusting relationship and promoting a business.

There are many email autoresponder companies with two of the biggest players being Aweber and GetResponse. Some companies offer a completely free to use service but they may lack the reliability and services of the paid ones. Even the paid services usually offer free accounts which are useful to get a taste of how autoresponders work. These webmail companies provide everything from email templates, customer statistics and the means to run dozens of sales campaigns automatically. Users need only compose the email content and decide the delivery schedule.

Traffic is the life blood of any website, without regular visitors there is no one to sell products and services to. There are numerous ways of getting traffic such as pay per click advertising, article marketing and organic traffic from search engines. After visitors arrive, only quality website content will keep them interested or convince them to invest in whatever product or service is being promoted.

Even with the best website content, two problems exist. Once a visitor buys, they leave probably never to return. Casual visitors need a reason to come back to a website. That may not be a problem for blog websites where new and interesting content is added regularly. Constant new material might get visitors to return but that is not guaranteed. For a one page, sales mini-site it may be a different matter altogether. There is no such fresh material appearing therefore, no incentive for a buyer to return.

The answer for both these dilemmas is an autoresponder and here is why. Building a mailing list, then using an autoresponder to automate regular email messages, is going to be an advantage irrespective of the kind of website operated. The one common factor here is making and maintaining contact with both visitors and previous buyers. This is the value of email automation. Once contact is established it should exploited but without being seen as pestering. Care must be taken because simply inundating subscribers with endless offers and sales pitches can be viewed as just spam. The number one priority is to not only stop people unsubscribing from a mailing list, but to expand their numbers.

Driving traffic to a website then persuading visitors to join a mailing list is not difficult. Almost all Webmasters offer some kind of incentive. Perhaps a free report, a training course or software in return for an email address. Then, to build this relationship just invoke the old proverb, "It is better to give than to receive". Once subscribers receive a free opt-in gift the majority of follow up messages should provide more free gifts, tips or helpful advice. Subscribers will be reluctant to opt out from their freebies, accept regular emails and be more receptive to offers when they are pitched. Previous buyers too, are more likely to become repeat buyers because of continued 'over-delivering' after the initial sale.

Mailing list building is versatile too. Operating many websites in a related niche, health for example, gives marketers the option to combine individual lists into one large one because of that common theme. Webmasters can promote other marketer's offers to their list, with the favour being returned thus increasing market opportunities even more. There is little wonder the hugely successful marketers use autoresponder lists in their business.