Get Rich Or Die Tryin-50 Cents Most Successful Album

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' is the release that jumpstarted 50 Cent's mainstream rapping career. Prior to its release he was just like every other non-famous rapper trying to make a living off of his lyrics; however, this all changed with the release of Get Rich Or Die Trying. With its sales recorded at over 15 million, and it status of being certified platinum an astonishing 8 times, it is safe to say that 50 Cent joined the big timers in the rap industry when he released this album. From the time of the release of Get Rich Or Die Tryin' until many years later, 50 Cent's hit singles could commonly be heard in nightclubs and radio stations worldwide

Impact On His Career

The impact that Get Rich Or Die Tryin had on 50 Cent's career was absolutely significant in many ways. Prior to the release of this album 50 Cent had spent countless hours writing his rap lyrics, producing beats, and creating good quality songs; he was a known street-rapper but had no significance in the main stream rap industry. However, after handing out mixtaped to every producer that he knew, his talent was soon recognized. After collaborating with some of the most well known producers in the rap industry such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Sean Blaze, he was destined for success. Get Rich Or Die Tryin took 50 Cent's rapping talent, and allowed listeners to hear it all around the world. The hit singles were quickly recognized, his album sales soared, and his rapping career had begun!

Album Sales

The sales of Get Rich Or Die Tryin' were so phenomenal that it was certified 8 times platinum; a statement that will drop the jaws of even the most world renowned artists. Within the first week this album managed to sell an astonishing 875,000 copies; furthermore, Get Rich Or Die Tryin' has sold over 15 million copies worldwide to date! The amazing this about the sales of this album was that there was a minimal amount of money spent on advertising it prior to its release; after searching the history of it you will soon realize that it was mere word of mouth that sold most of the copies. Through the sales of Get Rich Or Die Tryin' 50 Cent has exemplified a classic rags to riches story that shows that hard work, dedication, prayers, and belief will pay off if you stick with it.

Hit Singles

Although Get Rich Or Die Tryin' was filled with amazing songs, only a few of them were geared towards the "average listener's ear". These few hit singles combined an amazing beat with 50 Cent's talented rapping skills to create an unbeatable duo; moreover, some of these songs even had amazing music videos associated with them that furthered their success. The hit singles on Get Rich Or Die Tryin' were In Da Club, Many Men (Wish Death), Wanksta, 21 Questions, P.I.M.P, and If I Can't. All of the songs could be heard by anybody who had their hands on the album, but these songs were constantly played on the radio stations and nightclubs; moreover, this is what declared them as hit singles. These songs contributed to the success of 50 Cent's album Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.

Track Listing

1. Intro


2. What Up Gangsta


Produced By: Rob Tewlow

3. Patiently Waiting


Produced By: Eminem

Featuring: Eminem

4. Many Men (Wish Death)


Produced By: Darrell Branch

5. In Da Club


Produced By: Dr. Dre

6. High All The Time


Produced By: DJ Rad

7. Heat


Produced By: Dr. Dre

8. If I Can't


Produced By: Dr. Dre

9. Blood Hound


Produced By: Sean Blaze

Featuring: Young Buck

10. Back Down


Produced By: Dr. Dre

11. P.I.M.P


Produced By: Mr. Porter

12. Like My Style


Produced By: Rockwilder

Featuring: Tony Yayo

13. Poor Lil Rich


Produced By: Sha Money XL

14. 21 Questions


Produced By: Midi Mafia

Featuring: Nate Dogg

15. Don't Push Me


Produced By: Eminem

Featuring: Eminem & Lloyd Banks

16. Gotta Make It To Heaven


17. Wanksta


Produced By: John Freeman

18. U Not Like Me


Produced By: Red Spyda

19. Life's On The Line


Produced By: Terence Dudley

20. P.I.M.P (G-Unit Remix)


Produced By: Mr. Porter

Featuring: Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks, & Young Buck

Some people seem to think that it was 50 Cent's previous life as a gangster that led to the success of Get Rich Or Die Tryin', others think it was the amazing collaboration of 50 Cent, G-Unit, and amazing producers that contributed to the success; I believe that 50 Cent stayed dedicated throughout all of the hard times until his album became successful. 50 Cent is an amazing rapper, lyricist, and producer, and his album Get Rich Or Die Tryin' reflects his talent greatly. It is considered his most successful album because of the astonishing number of hit singles, and album sales that it produced. Many people are awaiting more of 50 Cent's work to see if he can trump this legendary album!Pick yourself up a copy of 50 Cent's most successful album at a discounted price from