If It's Too Good To Be True It's Probably For Sale On The Internet

It's amazing how sales pitches for online business ideas mirror those used over the years for offline invesments. I was recently reading an investment book, The Lump Sum Handbook, written in 1993 by Anthony Gallea. Mr Gallea is a recognized and well respected investment adviser. While skimming the index I noticed a chapter titled, How To Make A Small Fortune, (First Take A Large Fortune and...).

As an internet marketer with some years experience I of course found it necessary to start my investigation with this interesting chapter. It is a short chapter consisting of 5 pages. It is divided into headings, which he describes as sales traps or tricks used over the years to lure the unwary stock market investor into investments that are dubious at best.

Are Internet Gurus Old Stock Brokers?

I was amazed at how similar these headings are to so many of the sales pitches that are seen on a daily basis on the internet. Usually these sales pitches are designed to convince prospective customers, (investors), especially anyone who has just discovered the internet and has decided it is a sure fast track to "Make A Small Fortune", as so many off line investors have attempted to do.

Allow me to say at the outset that I am in no way making the claim that every program, idea, tactic or other situation sold on line is an outright scam. Many honest and successful online marketers have enjoyed fame and fortune by producing and selling solid, respectable programs. However as in the offline world there are surely many whose only goal is quick cash earned by duping the unwary customer, (investor) by promoting some manner to get rich quick.

Lets look at a few of these titles  that Mr. Gallea has titled "common tricks" and see how they might compare to the headlines you receive everyday in unsolicited email for online business ideas.

This Is A Sure Thing
Don't Gamble On Get Rich Quick SchemesCredit: http://www.morguefile.com
In the off line investment world this statement if considered logically makes no sense. Have you ever seen an advertisement for Treasury bills touted as a "sure thing" Mr. Gallea mentions that while Treasury bills are as near as any investment will ever come to being a, "sure thing', they are not and neither is any other investment.

On line promotions for a "sure thing" usually include:

Generate $$$ on Ebay Selling Something...blah, blah
Easy $50 Per Day With This...blah, blah,
Got a spare Fiver?
Making Money Online Doesnt get any easier then this!
Make Money With Facebook - $500 Everyday!!
No B.S. Here Is What I Do Step By Step
800 SOLD!! Never Seen Before
Complete Ready To Go Business In A Box System!

Again I repeat that not everything for sale on the internet is junk but you need to use a little common sense before reaching for the credit card. Many of these sales pitches are promoted by the seller as being his way to share in the fortunes he has made and you can join him for just a small investment.

I wonder when Coca Cola who has reportedly made billions, is going to share the secret formula for coke with the rest of us so we can also share in their fortune. Maybe Microsoft will give us the next version of Windows as a free gift so we can also share in their fortune.

Here's another goody from the annals of offline marketing.

Everybody's Buying it

Here are a few of the online versions.
Everybodys Doing It. An Old Sales PitchCredit: http://www.morguefile.com
Flying off the shelf
Only offered to the first 500 and there are only 3 spots left
Awarded product of the day
This won't last long
Closing Today! Guaranteed  $10,000 A Month

The limited time or limited number sales pitch is normally a winner. Letting the prospective buyer know that there is only a short window of opportunity is a sure way to loosen up those credit cards. It is a well know axiom in the offline marketing world that if something is advertised as, "Everybody's Buying It", than that could mean that everybody already has the stock and there will be no one left to sell yours to. In other words the market is saturated. A saturated market on the internet is a sure path to failure.

How many times have you seen this one:

If You Don't Get It Today, You'll Miss The opportunity

In the offline investment field there could occur the odd opportunity for a profit on a quick investment but most seasoned investors will tell you that the best way to answer these sales pitches is, "I'll Pass. The online versions include:

Need Fast Cash Today? CLICK HERE NOW!
Earn an extra $700 today for 20 minutes of work.
Need Fast Cash Today? CLICK HERE NOW!
Legal Method Guaranteed To Get You Cash Today
Here's an “Oldie But A Goodie”,  from Mr. Gallea's book

We're Entering A New Era. Things Won't be the Same Again.

Mr. Gallea explains that the problem with this line can be seen by looking at the 1929 stock market. It was claimed then that stocks had reached a new, permanently high level. The internet version of this sales pitch includes these suggestions:

Article Marketing Is Dead
Adsence is Dead
Email Marketing Is Dead
The Panda Algorythm Changes Everything For Everybody
Wave Goodbye To Cold Calling Forever

It seems that “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same”, is true for offline investing and it's cousin the online market.

Is it possible to get rich on the internet? Absolutely. Think about Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Twitter and so many other investments that have paid off for those who used online business ideas and had the determination to follow them through. In most cases it does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of that horrible word that new internet would be millionaires are looking to avoid. Work!

Remember that Amazon operated for years at a loss. Can you forget the days of the DotCom bust when so many internet “sure things” evaporated overnight?

The internet has been a absolute blessing to many marketers who have discovered the joy of starting their own business working from home. There are most likely thousands of seniors who have discovered that they can make use of the skills they have developed over many years writing how-to articles or advice articles which when submitted to the proper venues will earn income.

Untold thousands are making an income through affiliate programs and other onlinAnyone Can Succeed On the InternetCredit: http://www.morguefile.come business ideas by promoting other peoples products. Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Shareasale and hundreds of other affiliate programs are free to join and promote. In many cases it is not even necessary to own a website.

Yes the internet has been a blessing for an untold number of entrepreneurs who have profited by their hard work. It could be the answer to your prayers as well. Just be sure to remember the lessons of the offline investors and put your credit card away in a safe place when you receive all those marvelous offers with titles like these.

How To Get Money Fast
Quick Money Making Ideas
How To Make Quick Cash
How To Make Easy Money
How To Be Rich
How To Make Fast Money
Make Real Money On Line
Make Money Today

If your goal is to grab some online business ideas and make a small fortune using the internet you might need to use Mr. Gallea's suggestion. First Take A Large Fortune. Much better to use a little caution and remember if it's too good to be true, it's probably for sale on the internet.