Recently, I have been on a quest to expose a few make money online guruu schemes. In case, you don't know, make money online gurus are those guys who try to stun us with their villas, luxurious cars and hot girls, promising to sell us some magic application, money earning sites or super secret make money formulas that will make us rich overnight! The way they operate is simple and pretty standard. First, they aim their Internet make money products at beginners who have little to no knowledge of eCommerce. Next, there is always some form of catch into their get rich quick schemes. You may need to buy a web hosting package to get their "secrets" for free. Or you may have to deposit money at a binary options broker or online casino (is there really any difference between these two?). Or they will sell you a useless domain and site that aren't worth a cent while making you think that you're buying facebook or eBay!  Needless to say they are affiliated with the web hosting company, options broker, casino or whatever they are advertising. The truth is, obviously, that the only ones who make cash online and get rich pretty quickly are the gurus themselves. All that their customers are left with is hot air. :(

I never mentioned any names in my online articles which I was using to expose these get rich quick schemes. I firmly believe in innocent until proven guilty. And I have made every possible effort to ensure that the identities of the "gurus" I took as an example wouldn't be obvious to anyone. Yet, one of these make money online geniuses correctly figured out that I was subtly referring to him, possibly because I decribed the exact way how I ended up subscribed to his mailing list, which only the two of us know! Anyhow, he asked me to have an interview with me "to show that he is sincere and honest". I agreed and we met on Skype yesterday. His only condition to making the interview public was that I should not post it on my website. Reason being that it didn't sound fair to him that I am to attract traffic to my site when I was being "so unfair and prejudiced" against him. So I thought "Hey! It's been quite a while since I published something on that awesome site that's InfoBarrel". And here I am with the full interview from this make money guru whose identity I am not disclosing as agreed with the guy himself.

In order to protect his identity I have made minor changes to the transcript of our little chat on Skype. These are just minor details that could make his identity obvious to a few people.  I have also altered slightly some colloquialisms and minor grammatical errors in my own speech to make the interview more readable to human beings and search engines alike.

Hey, English isn't my first language! Have fun!

Make Money Online Guru
Credit: Hypersonicsquall

The Interview


So, you're hearing me and seeing me well?
I do hear and see you, do you see me?

Very fine, thanks for accepting to do this interview with me and for being here.
No problem.  There's a lot I have to say and much that I want to add to your article about me that you published last week.

The article was not about you. It was about get rich quick schemes. But I thank you again for being here. I mean it takes some guts knowing how I feel about the  subject and that I am the one recording and who will be releasing this interview to the public on his site.
Well, I am recording the interview too. And I would like to ask you not to share it on your own website. If you want to post it on someone else's blog or an article directory that is 100% fine with me. I am 100% genuine, 100% honest and have totally nothing...nothing at all to hide.

Why is it that you don't want me to share the interview on my site?
Because I am not OK with the fact that you basically told the whole world that I am a scammer, which is nothing but a lie and you get traffic from interviewing me.  I am here because I want to set the record straight, not to bring more visitors to your website.

OK, fine. I have no issue with that. So can we begin the interview?
Go ahead!

First question: how do you sleep at night knowing that everyday so many people, perhaps people who are in financial trouble, buy your make money online "ideas" and don't make a cent? These people are struggling to survive and you suck $47 from each of them to make yourself a little richer...
That's a lie. What you're saying is simply not true. [Shouting] I HAVE HELPED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE [clams down] make money online and I am not talking a few bucks. I am talking thousands of dollars. In some cases hundreds of thousands...where are these people who say that I scammed them? Who are they? How did you get in touch with them? If anyone is unhappy with my products they can return them to me for a full 100% refund. Plain and Simple!

I haven't talked to anyone of you customers. I am just saying that people who buy your "get rich quick" schemes will end up losing money because, as a guy with a fair amount of knowledge of eCommerce, I know that the "methods" that you sell simply don't work. And you can't say otherwise because I know exactly how you make money from the stuff you sell and why those products don't work for the people who actually try to use them. Question stays: How can you look at yourself in the mirror?
How you can look at yourself in the mirror? You should ask your question to yourself. [Pulls off a few sheets of paper] This is your article which I printed. Basically it says this "DEFINITION: a make money online guru and scammer is a person who sets up a video to catch up buyers attention, showcases his wealth and tries to persuade you to buy a product. Since by definition; I repeat "by defection", I the mighty Arthur as I call myself on my site, have decided that people who use these sales strategies are scammers, I am not buying a single one of the products they are selling. That's because I am smart, unlike my readers who are stupid. So, although I haven't tested a single one of these services, I am warning you that they are all scams because I have decided so with no proof whatever about my statement." That is what you're saying in your article. You wasted so many words and that's all there is to it. Really!

I don't need to give you $47 of my hard earned money to know that I can't make a million dollars by playing a martingale at the roulette.
I never sold any gambling related material on my website. You must be confusing me with someone else. Please be careful in what you say because you are responsible for it!

OK, binary options then, which is not that much different from gambling and you've sold plenty of those subscriptions, didn't you?
Binary Options aren't gambling! I just laugh at how close minded some people are. They see something new that they aren't able to master and they try to put it down. If you listened to people like me, instead of labelling us as scammers  without any valid proof, you could be making money online like my students instead of $5 per month, as you admit to. This is why people like you fail all the time. You aren't willing to listen to someone more experienced than yourself, Sir. That's all. You can't just decide that someone is a scammer because you say so. You are not that mighty as you think you are. You make $5 per month. That says everything.

OK,  let me clear one thing or two. First, the "mighty" title which I give myself [on my site] is just a j-o-k-e, OK? It's a way to be funny, just like the swearing I use or the silly quotes I make. I really can't believe how many people seem to totally lack any sense of humor these days. That aside, I have not decided by any definition of mine whatsoever that anyone using attention grabbing marketing or who flaunt their wealth are make money online scammers. I even said that in my article loud and clear that while the techniques that I described are the ones that get rich quick scammers love to use the most, it totally doesn't mean that whoever uses those techniques is a scammer. I further said that the one thing that makes someone a scammer is not delivering on what they promise. And I further demonstrated why the kinds of offers that you propose online are scams by giving examples, revealing the catch in each etc.
This is not true. You said clearly [shows papers again] "these are the techniques that the gurus use. I am describing them in detail so you can identify a guru when you cross paths with one of them". And afterwards you made a reference to my newsletter. And with all due respect I would rather be called "attractive guy" by some hot girl than by you. But anyhow, the point is you said three or four times that you never bought anything from me so you can't pass judgement on what I am offering. You do this on all of your site, recommending or bashing products you have never used yourself as you feel like it. You are not credible. That's why your business is a failure and I make millions of dollars each year! You make $5!

[Sidenote: the guy keeps referring to my first article about Get Rich Quick Schemes. I'll leave it to any interested readers to decide for themselves who is right and who is wrong here, regarding the argument we had.] 

Well, I did actually get one of your offers. I said that I never bought anything from you but you had this offer two weeks ago, remember? A free application that will make me money online with binary options. It was free, so I downloaded it. I didn't use it but I had a friend of mine, who is doing a Masters in IT and Computing to reverse engineer that application. And that algorithm that you describe as groundbreaking, shocking, super-expensive to doesn't exist. It's not there. The only thing that your application does is register the user to a binary options broker with your affiliate link and then RANDOMLY...I repeat RANDOMLY, pick call or put and play with your customers hard earned money.
[Angered] It's piracy. I have spent millions developing that application and there's state of the art protection in it. It's no surprise that your friend couldn't find anything. [Laughs] If he found that algorithm, I would have had to sue my software engineers! I paid almost a million dollars for the copy protection alone. And I have receipts from my software company to show. You want to see them? The point is you didn't use program so you can't really tell what it does or does not do!

I am not saying yours are, but receipts can be forged so easily that I see no point in seeing them. What do you think if I feed $50 to your make money application right now, subscribe to your broker and see if I can make cash in real time, with you online? Your guarantee is $400 in 4 hours with $50 deposit. If I make $200 (that's half of your guaranteed minimum), I'll give you all the cash plus a public apology and positive testimonial on my website. If I lose my $50, you give $200 to me and let me post this video on my website. Deal?
[After a long pause] Who knows what your friend did to my program? I am not putting my reputation into a program that has been tempered with. No way!

OK, I download it again from your server or even better, you feed $50 into your own copy and we see if we make some money online in real time! Deal?
I do not have four hours to spare now and I don't have a copy of the software installed on my laptop. You see [turns camera on laptop]. I am using my laptop now.

[Sarcastically] Oh I see! You, guys! When it comes to proving your get rich quick schemes by showing us your Paypal accounts you're pretty quick but when asked for more substantial proof, you always back out, don't you? I wonder why is that.
I have no problem doing it! I just don't have time now. Listen, you make $5 a month with your website. You may have plenty of free time. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars in thirty days! You realize, I am a busy man, Joey? Or whatever your name is...Arthur. [huh...] I promise I will spare four hours for you so we can make that test.

You mean I will be able to follow on my own PC on the broker's site you're connected to and see what you're doing with your robot? OK, let's make an appointment right now, then!
I don't have my schedule here with me. If I find the time, we'll do. It will be fun. The problem is I am always full of meetings. I honestly don't know if I will be able to make it. If you have a different PC, other than the one your pirate friend tried to hack [???] download a fresh copy of my application. You will make money online! A lot more money than what you're making now which is $5. But what I want everyone to know is this: I work very hard. Many of my friends and students do the same.  Don't slander us, if you don't have firsthand experience with our products. And if you do and aren't satisfied, I personally will be happy to give you up to your last penny back! Just give a chance, to people like me. I am making millions of dollars online. I want to help you do the same. And my methods work. That's why people get stuck in making $5 per month working full time and going nowhere. It's a good thing to not let the many scam artists out there get at you. Arthur is right on this one. There are plenty of scammers out there and they are all after your money. But being excessively mistrustful is bad too because it doesn't let you take action and change your future. The choice is yours in the end and I am talking to your readers and to you too, Arthur, whether you want to keep making $5 per month or you want to truly turn your life upside down. I have to go now because it's really late and I have a business meeting in like ten minutes ago.

OK, thanks so much for coming. The only thing I can agree with you here is that there are many scammers out there. Thanks so much for answering my questions.
My pleasure...

Telephone Call
Credit: Wikimedia

That Was It!

I think it was a pretty interesting interview. I had so many more questions I wanted to ask to this guy but we wasted all the time talking about my first question to which I didn't even get an actual answer. I guess I should have anticipated that a guy who makes that much money would have a very limited time for a "no one" like me...:P

So guys, what do you think? Will he call back to show me in real time how his wonderful software to make money online works? My bet is a big NO ;)