Can you really get rich writing eHow articles? I would undoubtedly have to answer in the affirmative (in other words, yes you can). While I'm not yet in the $1000 a month club, I do know a few tips and tricks to get rich writing eHow articles.

Things You Will Need


A Desire to Write

Step 1

Every eHow writer has a dream to get rich writing eHow articles (or would agree at the very least it would be some nice extra income!). Don't expect your eHow articles to help you get rich overnight and don't expect one or two magical articles to pull in unruly amounts of dough.

Step 2

The key to get rich writing eHow articles is to write lots of good quality articles if you don't believe me, just keep reading to see my results! Because of the way Google Adsense ads match up, some of your articles will never make any money, and sometimes (for a seemingly unknown reason) some of your articles won't get very many page views.

Step 3

This is why you need to write lots of eHow articles to get rich. Quality articles are important, but a nice quantity of quality articles will help you go far on eHow. Don't put all your eggs (or all your hopes) on ten of fifteen articles and hope to get rich and make a fortune.

Step 4

Now some of your articles won't make much money at all, and some might rake in ten or more dollars a month. From my personal writing (which I don't consider to be extremely eloquent or well written) I have noticed articles seem to average around 75 cents a month on the low scale of things. Some groups of my articles average over a dollar a month! Can you imagine making a few dollars a month for each article you write?

Step 5

The secret is once again to write a wide body of articles. If you write 2-3 articles a day, in a few months (after your articles mature), you should be making a decent amount of money (in the neighborhood of $100 a month). That doesn't sound like much, but that's an extra $1200 dollars a year; which all of us might be able to use!


Tips & Warnings