How do you get rid of smell? You know that first smell you get when you walk in the house? Or that first sniff when you get into a hot car the morning after taking your dog to the vet? Smells are everywhere, some are good, some remind us of our childhood and others... not so good.

If you have a few of the "not so good odors".. then here are a few tips on how to get rid of smell.

get rid of dog smell

Find the source first

This may sound obvious, but many people would rather keep spraying the air with all kinds of chemicals on a daily basis, than figure out the source of the smell. But when you come back the next day, it is still there with the added aroma of flowers or pine!

To get rid of smell, find the source, look for spills, especially a spill that can spoil, such as spilled milk. You may have to get down on your hands and knees and using your nose, find the source. If it is in the kitchen, you can start with the garbage or recycling or if it is near the fridge, it could be beside the fridge or under the fridge.

Clean up the source and then you can deal with the odor afterwards. To get rid of smell, does not require toxic sprays that promise perfume and relaxation!.. You can make your own air freshener and carpet freshener at home.

You may find that the smell is not one item in particular, but more of a soup of odors from the carpet smelling musty to the bathroom and wet towels. So, after dealing with the wet towels and vacuuming your carpets, you may need to do a bit more to get rid of smell.

get rid of smell

Make your own Herbal Carpet Freshener

All you need is 1/2 cup of lavender and one cup of baking soda. Mix these two items together. Put the mixture into a cheese container or something with holes, and then sprinkle this onto your carpet, or let it slip through your fingers. Let it sit on the carpet for 30 minutes, and then vacuum. This will neutralize odors and release a nice smell into the air and refresh your vacuum cleaner.

Empty your vacuum canister or bagget rid of smell in rugs

To get rid of smell, take a good look at your cleaning tools. Is that damp mop stinky? Is it time for a replacement? Don't forget to empty your vacuum canister or bag, this can harbor huge amounts of bacteria which of course can be responsible for odors. Get rid of smell by cleaning your cleaning tools!

The carpet and the cleaning tools can hold onto a lot of bacteria and odors. Even if you have cleaned up a spill from the carpet, such as a pet stain or food stain, it does penetrate and even though you no longer see it, it lingers.

If you are trying to get rid of smell, then start with the floor and work your way up in the room. You may find that once you have cleaned the floor and used the herbal carpet freshener on the carpets, that the smell has gone. But there is one more step that works well.

Clean the air with vinegar

If you are trying to get rid of smell, then take a small bowl and pour in some white vinegar and put in the area of the strongest smell. You will find if you do this overnight, that the smell has pretty well gone the next day.

If your air just has that stale smell to it, without really any specific reason, then you need to check the ventilation in your house. If it is winter time, check your furnace filter and ventilation systems especially if you have condensation on your windows, this is not healthy and no amount of sprays or cleaning will fix this. Get it checked out professionally and you may just get rid of smell.

But if you have just had a party and there were a few smokers around or stinky feet in the house, then putting out a few bowls of white vinegar overnight will help get rid of smell.

get rid of car smell

Get rid of smell in the car

If you car just does not smell nice, and you cringe at the thought of getting in it on a hot morning, or you hold your breath then open the windows, you need to find the source. Check under the seats, especially the front seats and see what you can find. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and venture under there. If you have kids that snack in the car, it doesn't take much to stink up the car. Especially if something rolled under the seat.

Does it smell like rotten milk? Then it could be cheese or a yogurt container.. We used to detail cars, and you would be surprised what we would find wedged under the front seat. These customers were willing to pay hundreds to get rid of smell in their car.

Once you have removed the item, then give your car a good clean. Then get a bowl of vinegar and place it on the floor of the passenger area and leave it overnight. By morning you should have got rid of the smell. Just don't forget to remove the bowl of vinegar or you will just be adding another smell!

The vinegar trick is especially good if you have taken your dog to the vet the day before. No matter how many old blankets you put in there, that huffing and drooling and sometimes worse, will remain in the car for days!

If you have leather or vinyl interior, you can wipe this down, with a great homemade leather cleaner. Take 2 tablespoons of Murphy's Oil Soap, and 1/4 cup of olive oil, and one teaspoon of lemon essential oil (health food stores carry this) Mix together and apply with a slightly damp sponge and wipe off with a soft cloth. This will get rid of smell that seems to have got right into the seats. Don't forget the seams! You can get rid of smell without calling in chemical warfare. Do it yourself naturally.