Snoring may not be a life-threatening problem but it can be very inconvenient and even embarrassing at times. Snoring is a pressing issue especially if you're sleeping next to someone like your spouse or your roommate who are constantly awakened by the loud sounds you make at night. At the same time, a snorer will also have second thoughts about sleeping during a flight or a bus trip for fear of being reprimanded by seatmates.

One misconception about snoring is that people snore due to being very tired. However, this isn't always the case –as a matter of fact this is rarely the case! - and it may be more difficult to get rid of snoring.

Proper positioning is necessary if you want to prevent yourself from snoring. When you're sleeping flat on your back, what happens is that your tongue falls back and blocks the proper movement of air. Hence, it is crucial that you sleep on your side if you want to have a silent night's sleep. But making sure that you're lying on your sleep when you're unconscious can be very difficult. To serve as a reminder even while you're asleep, you can sew in a pouch at the back of your pajamas and then insert a tennis ball in the pouch. When you're lying on your back, you will feel uncomfortable and shift to your side. This is one of the simplest snoring solutions, yet you shouldn't look down on it, as millions of people have said good bye to their problems with it.

If you're not sold on that idea, you can also ask your doctor for anti-snoring devices that you can wear while you are asleep. Some of these devices include braces that position your mouth properly to prevent snoring. Trying to relax before going to bed has also worked for a number of people. Relaxation can involve just being silent a few moments before closing your eyes to help calm you down and prepare your body for shutting down.

The irritation of mucus membranes can also cause snoring. Irritation can be brought about by the inhalation of dry air.

Finally, you should know that people with excess weight will develop snoring issues. This happens because the fat around the throat. If you have found that your snoring is caused by excess weight, the solution is very simple: just lose some weight. Many doctors agree that you don't have to look like a model to get rid of snoring; you just need to cut some pounds until you see that your problem has gone away.