Ants are considered a mostly tolerable pest in most homes. However something that most people don't consider is the fact that if you have carpenter ants they can eat away at the structure of your house and cause some serious damage if left unchecked so it is best to simply get rid of them before this becomes an issue. I assume you know you have an ant problem because you have seen a few of them. Take notice to their color, if they are black ants then you don't really have a problem because they are completely harmless, just a nuisance. However, if you have any other type of ant then they could pose a problem from getting into food or eating away at your house. Best to be rid of them as quickly as possible.


Best Natural Way To Kill Ants

The best way without chemicals to harm your children or pets is something that most people have lying around in their house anyways. Simply follow their trail to the crack in a wall or wherever they are holing up in and fill it as much as possible with turmeric powder. This is harmless to humans and pets, though it might make them sick so don't let them get to it if possible still. Then try to figure out their path to getting into your house, if there is a door nearby this is probably how they got in VIA a small crack or if you leave the door open often this could be how. Line that area with a nice little dusting of turmeric powder. This should kill off most if not all of them in one application.


How to Naturally Prevent Ants From Entering Your Home

OK so you think you got rid of all the ants in your house? Good, now its time to make a barrier that they will not want to cross, thus keeping them from your house for good. This is best accomplished by mixing some vinegar and water and mopping the simply dripping it on the floor and around the point of entry. They won't want to go anywhere near the stuff. After this is done consider having someone look at re-caulking the exterior of your house so they won't have a way to enter your house in the first place along with any other pests that might want to live with you.


Still Having Problems?

You might have a serious infestation in which you could try to track down and fill their holes with turmeric powder then use the vinegar as explained above. If that continues to fail you might have to resort to chemicals. If you still want to find a natural solution then maybe it would be worth looking around outside for all the anthills you can find and trying to get rid of those. To do this you simply boil up some water, nice and hot to ensure the full destruction of the hill. Then pour it down all the ant hills you can find.