Get Rid of Belly Fat Tips

Get Rid of Belly Fat Tips

Belly fat not only looks bad and weighs you down but is also very unhealthy for the organs, back and body in general. If you are determined to get rid of belly fat use these tips starting today to begin to reduce your waistline and improve your health and wellness to look better yes, but also to feel better, have more energy and increase stamina. Expect that getting rid of belly fat will take some time since it no doubt took a while to get the belly shape that you have right now. It's ok and as long as you are determined and focused on a firmer, flatter and trimmer belly, you can and will have it. Let's get started on what you need to know to get rid of belly fat.

Causes of Belly Fat

There are several causes of belly fat that this article will discuss in which you could start to work on to help get that firmer and flatter midsection.

  1. Overeating
  2. Eating the wrong types of calories
  3. Lack of Exercise

Avoid Overeating to get rid of belly fat

The stomach of every human being is the size of the palm of the hand, not the hand but just the palm of the hand. Think about that. How much food do you think you could fit in the palm of your hand?

Overeating happens when too much food is eaten that is bigger than the size of the stomach and the stomach begins to stretch.

The body can only process and use the amount of food that fits into the stomach and the rest of it is stored as fat.

Continually repeating this process of overeating starts small and then keeps getting larger and larger until the belly is stretched out, out of shape and no longer the flat and lean way it once ways.

Eating the wrong types of calories

Another cause of belly fat is eating the wrong type of calories that offer no nutritional value to the body. These include high fat foods, high sugar foods otherwise known as empty calories since they offer nothing good for our bodies, over processed foods that include chemicals and ingredients without nutritional value that the body can use properly.

Lack of Exercise is a cause of belly fat

Exercise is needed to reduce belly fat because it helps to burn the excess calories consumed and increases the metabolism and oxygen levels of the muscles and organs. A continued pattern of not exercising slowly but surely will cause the belly to get larger and larger especially when overeating and eating the wrong types of calories are also part of a daily lifestyle and pattern.

Get Rid of Belly Fat Tips:

Making small daily changes to the above mentioned areas will help to slim down the body and eventually get rid of belly fat when they become the new habit. Try these tips for at least 30 days to help develop better eating and exercising habits.

Avoid Overeating to get rid of belly fat:

Start eating smaller portions of food. Use a smaller plate to remind you that the stomach is only the size of the palm of the hand.

Eat slower to allow the food time to enter the stomach. It takes about 20 minutes until that process happens so by slowing down eating, you give the body more time to adjust to food coming in.

Get in the habit of putting down the fork or spoon in between bites to allow time for the food to enter the digestive system – you'll notice that you get fuller faster and will definitely avoid overeating without stuffing yourself to a feeling of bloating!

Don't skip meals. Food is the trigger that starts the metabolism so make sure to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism working.

Eat Healthier Calorie Options to get rid of belly fat:

Start to eat healthier options. Add more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables to the diet daily and at every meal. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals without the empty calories or excess fat that they body can't metabolize.

Eat more lean protein such as pork, turkey, chicken and fish as well as beans and legumes and reduce the red meats from the diet which contains higher fat amounts that are hard for the body to digest.

Learn to read ingredients on the back of packaging and avoid saturated fats, sugars, low protein, high sodium and low vitamin foods.

Pay attention to the serving size suggested on all packaged foods if you must eat them and follow it to avoid overeating. Eventually, try to eliminate packaged foods altogether.

Exercise to get rid of belly fat:

Exercise to reduce belly fat by burning those excess calories consumed each day. Start slowly each day with only 10 minutes of exercise if you haven't done any kind of activity in a long while.

Slowly increase the amount of exercise performed daily which helps the body to build up endurance and also burns fat and calories. There are many types of exercises anyone can perform such as aerobics, dancing, yoga, lifting, walking, jogging or circuit training.

Try each type of exercise until you find something you enjoy doing and will be able to keep at it. Add something new every week to keep the muscles from getting used to the activity and it's more effective than one single activity all the time.

Once you get comfortable with a daily exercise plan, increase the amount of time spent on it daily. You'll start to burn more calories as well as tone and tighten the abdominal muscles shrinking the belly fat a little at a time.

Use a photo as inspiration of the way you'd like to see your belly and hang it in the kitchen, bathroom, near the television and in your car as a reminder of your goal to reduce belly fat.

Don't give up your desire to get rid of belly fat! You can do it! Buy a single piece of equipment such as a hula hoop, tredmill or mini trampoline to help you get started with exercise if that will help you. and many other online stores sell gym equipment with offers of free shipping that can help to motivate you.

If you want to look and feel better as well as to improve your general overall health factor, start practicing these tips to get rid of belly fat. Avoid overeating tips, improve the nutritional calorie count of all foods that you put into your mouth and start a slow and steady exercise regime daily for three main keys to reducing belly fat. You will notice a change in your body as well as increased energy and stamina.

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