get rid of earwigs

It is that time of year, when you just seem to be seeing those nasty earwigs all around your house, inside and out. But how to get rid of earwigs?

First of all, you have to consider what they like, and what makes them tick. They like damp dark places in your house, such as basement corners, or even just that pile of newspapers you might have building up in humid weather. They love newspapers that are slightly damp.

Clean the Basement

If you are getting a lot of earwigs in your house, then check your basement. If you have been meaning to clean out clutter, now might be a good time. Put on lots of light (they are not a big fan of bright light) and get rid of any paper products used for storage such as cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are a great place for earwigs to hang out and reproduce, especially if your basement gets humid in the summer.

Take it all outside, and dump out the contents. Anything you want to keep, really shake it out, or wash it, then store in tightly sealed plastic tubs if you need to store in the basement.


To get rid of earwigs in the garden, you can try a few known tricks that are not toxic to you or the plants. Always try natural before you resort to chemicals if you can. If you are having trouble with earwigs in your flower beds etc.. then when it comes time to water your plants, put a drop of dishwashing soap in with a big bucket of water every few waterings. This won't harm the plants and earwigs hate the stuff.

Put out small containers of beer. You can bury a beer can with about an inch or so of beer in the bottom. You could put one of these at the end of each of your tomato plant rows for example, and it will attract the earwigs away from your plants and into the beer can, then just dispose of the beer can.

Damp Towels

Don't leave damp towels on the floor in the bathroom, or that piled up face cloth in the corner of the tub. Chances are you have gone to use it, and had a earwig or two fall out!. This is especially true for the basement or wherever you do your laundry. If everyone throws their wet towels and laundry on the floor, you are going to get earwigs hanging out there if they are in your house and they will invite their family!


To keep earwigs out of your house, prevention is always the best way. Make sure you check your pets before you let them back in. If they roll in the grass for example, chances are they could bring in a hitch hiker! If you hang your laundry outside, give it a good shake if you are bringing it in in the evening hours.

Make sure kids don't leave the doors wide open for any length of time.

Vacuum to Get Rid of Earwigs

Vacuum every corner more often in the warmer months, as this is where they will migrate to. If your kids tend to leave toys and sports equipment piled up in a corner, move it around, this will put off earwigs.

To get rid of earwigs, take some patience, but if you try the above tips, you will get them out of your yard and house. As ugly as they are, they pose no threat to humans, and even if they bite, it is not poisonous, but no one wants them in their house, or eating their vegetables.