Some complain of Migraine headaches causing feelings of nausea,   diarrhea, and vomiting which cause a delay of emptying the stomach into the small intestine.  This affects food absorption and decreases blood circulation. 

It is a blessing.  I do not have Migraine.  I do, however,  have several friends that complain about Migraines.

Did you know some of the triggers of Migraines include stress, certain odors, perfume, menstrual cycle fluctuation, and birth control pills?  These are just a few of the triggers.  Triggers are the key for determining the cause of  some Migraines.

As you go through your daily life, you may not consider  things  that trigger Migraines.  Sometimes you possibly can do a process of elimination to discover what triggers your Migraines.

Are you aware that certain foods such as red wine, hot dogs, salami, chocolate, peanut butter, dairy products and pickled foods can trigger Migraines?  So not only does your environment play a crucial part with your Migraines, but your diet also plays an equal part.

The key is awareness.  Find out what is triggering your Migraine headache.

Do not rule out seeing a doctor if you have had Migraine headaches regularly, keep a record of how you treated them.  Your doctor may have other treatments available for you.

60-70 percent of female Migraine sufferers report their Migraines relate to their menstrual cycles.  Some Migraine headaches relate to the estrogen drop in the female during the menstrual cycle.

One treatment option is to start taking a no steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil or ibuprofen two to three days before  the menstrual cycle starts and continue taking only until the end of the period. 

Those that are on birth control pills, doctors recommend taking the medication on the 19th day of the menstrual cycle and continuing until the second day of the next cycle.

Don’t rule out exercising for Migraines.  Exercise is vital for so many things.  A random study done in 2011 from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that aerobic exercises were effective for preventing Migraine headaches.  Regular gentle exercise helps to reduce tension. Have you ever noticed how relaxed that you become after exercising? It also triggers the release of endorphins.  Endorphins act as a mild sedative.  I make it appoint to walk at least 2 days a week, because I know that it helps me with my physical fitness.  Also, I really do not think of it as exercise, because it is something that I love to do.  I especially love to walk in the park during the summer and in the malls during the winter.  I see many walkers at both places.

There are such things as non-food triggers such as lack of sleep, sleeping too much, fatigue, smells from gasoline, or bright flashing lights.  Are you fatigued from work, family problems, stress, or other issues?  You may have never thought that the fatigue can trigger the Migraine.  Although you may strive to get enough sleep that just may not always happen as planned.  Just keep in mind that a variety of alternatives are available to  help you get rid of your Migraine. [7010][7011][7012][7013][7014]