Treating a single pimple is a lot different than treating acne. While acne is really just a bunch of pimples (and a disease named after them). Getting rid of acne requires treatment with some sort of medication whereas to get rid of a pimple you can do it by yourself in your own home.

So this article is for that person who is looking to get rid of one or two pimples and not for those who are suffering from acne. If you have acne you may want to consider reading this article about how to cure it. With that out of the way, let's get rid of your pimple.

For this 5 step fast pimple removal process, you're going to need a couple things that you should have lying around your house:

  • a sewing or surgical needle
  • boiling water or rubbing alcohol
  • antibacterial disinfectant for cuts
  • a clean cloth or towel.
After gathering those things, read the 5 steps before you actually start getting rid of your pimple so you know what to expect in the step after the one you're currently on.
  1. Wait for your pimple to be in prime popping condition. A pimple that you're going to want to pop will be right when it looks like the puss inside the pimple is about to burst. If you pop the pimple too early you can end up getting a skin infection, a cyst, or even possibly a scar (which you definitely don't want).
  2. Get a needle and sterilize it. Before you can get rid of your pimple, you'll need to grab a sewing or surgical needle and either boil it in water or use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the needle. A dirty needle can get you an infection.
  3. Prepare for the pimple removal procedure. You need to wash your hands and your face (or wherever the area your pimple is at) so that no dirt, makeup, grime, etc., doesn't infect the popped pimple. Double check that your needle is still sterilized.
  4. Poke the white part of the pimple with the needle. Don't poke too hard but enough to penetrate the surface of the pimple. Now, using two finger, apply pressure to both sides of the pimple and push out the puss. You'll want to keep up the pressure until the puss is completely gone and clear liquid (or blood) appears. At that stage, you'll know that you got rid of the pimple.
  5. Clean up the aftermath. Now, use antibacterial disinfectant used for cuts to clean the popped pimple. Use a clean cloth and gently dab the disinfectant on. Again, we want to avoid an infection which is a lot worse than a simple pimple. Once you've finished disinfecting, you are successfully finished with the pimple removal process.
Now wasn't that easy and fun? Well probably not fun but you did get rid of your pimple so who cares right?