The big event is coming up and you have to get rid of your pimples fast. Pimples are some of the most troublesome buggers that teenagers and adults can encounter at any given time. Sometimes they can be so big that they're just screaming "look at me and laugh!". Fortunately, you can permanently shut those pimples up with a variety of medicines, remedies, and natural treatments. You don't have to go to the doctor to get rid of you pimples. In fact, there are many things you can find both in your home and at the store to get rid of your pimples fast and easy. So follow along and learn how to solve your zit problem without having to go out in public with a brown paper bag over your face.

First off, pimples are a simple inflammation caused by a blockage of your skin's pores by dirt, oil, or other nasty toxins. Poor skin hygiene, bad diet, stress, and hormone changes can impact how many pimples you get and also explain why you get them. Puberty, pregnancy, and other hormonal changes and disorders can all cause an occasional pimple or even acne.

While these first suggestions for getting rid of pimples are "fast" technically, following these tips will help you get rid of your current pimples faster plus help prevent pimples in future. Water, for example, is a great skin disorder killer. Many problems with your skin, like pimples and acne, can be solved simply by cleansing your body naturally by drinking 8 glasses per day. Water helps purify your blood of toxins and poisons that you intake through your environment each day by passing it through your body in the form of pee. Another way to help clear up your skin is cutting out greasy, unhealthy, and other junk forms of food. Those types of food encourage skin problems. Instead, grab an apple, carrot, or another healthy fruit or vegetable.

With those tips in mind, getting rid of your pimples fast is not too hard. Now, let's talk about those things that will eliminate zits now so you can go to the dance tomorrow with clear skin. Skin Doctor's Zit Zapper is a great product to use for getting rid of your pimples fast. How it works, is it dries out your pimple overnight and so when you wake up the next morning, you have successfully gotten rid of your zit. Yeah! It gets rid of your pimple overnight. It works by unclogging the pores by calming your skin glands that are making too much oil (whether due to hormones or poor diet) and also uses antibacterial ingredients to kill the bacteria that helps create your pimples.