Scars are caused when the skin heals after a wound, or when a skin problem like acne damages it. The healing process often leaves an unsightly scar. Although some scars will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove with natural home remedies, there are some things that can eliminate smaller, smoother scars and reduce the appearance of larger ones. Persevere with the application of home treatments and over time you can often get rid of scars naturally.

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One of the main things you can do to remove scars naturally is to keep yourself well hydrated with water. Maintaining fluid levels is good for your skin. Try to drink around 8 glasses throughout the day.

Also eat plenty of green vegetables for optimum skin condition. Eating fresh tomatoes and honey is another good way to help improve your overall skin condition and the reduce the appearance of scars. Slices of tomato laid on top of the scar for half an hour before bathing, and honey applied topically several times each day, also help to remove scars naturally.

Applying vitamin E to the scar can also help. Clean the scar area thoroughly. Then either break a vitamin E capsule on a piece of cotton wool or cover it with vitamin E oil. Apply it to the scar and cover with gauze. Vitamin E is very effective at getting rid of scars and also gives your skin a healthy glow. Dip cotton wool in blanched green tea and apply this to the area for another helpful home treatment. Tea tree oil and olive oil applied to the scarred area will also help over time.

Aloe Vera juice and lemon juice applied topically twice daily can help clear up scars relatively quickly. Sandalwood paste mixed with either rose water or black gram powder is another topical remedy that is effective. Garlic or neem rubbed in the scar can be helpful in the reduction of their appearance also.

When trying to remove scars naturally always clean your hands first and avoid damaging the scarred area further, otherwise it may become infected. Test any scar remedy you try on an undamaged area of your skin first before applying it to the scar itself. That way you will find out whether it is suitable for your skin. You don't want to create more problems, so it's important to check if your skin reacts to any substance you're thinking of using. 

Home scar treatments should begin as soon as possible after the initial damage has healed for the remedies to be most effective. Massaging the damaged area each day will also help to get rid of scars naturally.