Upper lip wrinkles creep up on people usually in their aging years. These are pesky wrinkles also known as perioral wrinkles and appear deeply embedded in the skin. They are not however immovable, with the right treatments upper lip wrinkles can be removed forever, thus making the person look much younger.

Upper lip wrinkles and wrinkles around mouth are best treated by seeking the services of a reputable cosmetic dermatologist. Contrary to many first impulses, getting a face lift will not help upper lip wrinkles. Face lifts can only give the appearance of tighter skin by pulling the skin back (literally) which can work for some wrinkles on the face, but does not help with the upper lip. Have no great worries though because treating upper lip wrinkles through laser resurfacing treatments or by way of Restylane is actually much more affordable than a face lift and more effective too.

Laser resurfacing is a new kind of treatment, relatively new that is as it has been gaining popularity and accolades in the last decades. The laser targets the skin and eliminates the old dead skin cells and uncovers the fresh new skin below- that new baby looking skin is wrinkle free. There may be some discomfort and reddening during the recovery time but laser resurfacing is an excellent way to get long-lasting results and a young looking mouth again.

The other popular treatment aside from laser resurfacing is using Restylane injections. Seems intrusive? Well it is a bit. The treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid into those deep upper lip wrinkles. The injected material is claimed to be very safe, and in fact we humans produce hyaluronic acid from our own bodies. The FDA has approved the treatment and many people, women in particular have achieved much younger looking skin through the use of Restylane. It is also a great alternative to Botox.

Compared to laser resurfacing, Restylane derma fillers are a great semi-permanent treatment for upper lip wrinkles. They will last 4-6 months before the person needs to go back to the dermatologist and get another shot. Laser resurfacing is considered a much more permanent treatment. Both provide great, safe solutions to getting rid of those wrinkles. After those upper lip wrinkles are finally removed, help yourself by keeping them from coming on again by using sunscreen in the treated area, as well as all over your face.