Writers block is often blamed for the low-output by many bloggers and writers. Writers get all set-up to write and then when there fingers hit the keyboard they have no idea what to write about. This should never be the case. I use many different tools to avoid writer's block, but this one works best for me. I hope it can help you out too if you are experiencing writer's block.


If you experience writer's block then don’t stress over it. Don’t think about it. Just open up a blank page and start typing words. I don’t care what you type out, it can be anything. Here is an example I literally just free wrote so you can get an idea of how my mind works with this.

I like to go camping and pan for gold. I never find much gold but I like that I have the potential to strike it rich every time I go out to pan for gold. Sometimes I am so involved in looking for gold that I forget what I am doing. I never forget my feet though. My 

feet are usually cold sitting in the stream. Even when it is 100 degrees outside my feet tend to get cold after a while. Can’t wear waterproof boots because it's too hot. My feet sweat. I like to jump into the stream and cool off. I never find more than a few flakes of gold. It would be nice to find a huge nugget and then I could return and buy a cabin in the mountains. I don’t want a huge cabin,  I want a simple rustic single-roomed cabin with indoor plumbing.

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 So that was what I just typed out. Whatever came into my mind as I was typing. I didn’t stop to spellcheck or use correct grammar. Spelling and grammar doesn’t matter for this stage. Oftentimes when free writing I keep going and an article will develop, but generally I know use a new tactic.

Now that I have what I wrote out, I simply go through and develop article or blog post ideas from what I wrote on my freewriting exercise. Here’s an example of how I would do this particular review on my free writing to develop ideas.

I like to camp and pan for gold. When I reread it it gives me some good ideas such as:

  • Best Gold Pan for Hikers
  • Best Places to Camp and Gold Pan in Idaho

 I then move onto the rest of the words I wrote down on my free writing exercise and will develop ideas in a similar method.

  • Best Fly Fishermen Boots for Gold Panners
  • Top 5 Ways to Keep Feet Warm When Panning For Gold
  • The Dangers of Panning For Gold in the Cold

I will often think of new ideas for articles and will put them all down, even if I may not use it in the future. After typing out the 3 ideas above, I had some new ideas pop into my head for potential articles.

  • 10 People Who Lost Limbs Looking For Gold
  • How Many People Died During the California Gold Rush
  • Tips for Gold Panners During Salmon Season
  • How to Avoid Sickness When Prospecting for Gold
  • How to Pan For Gold When The River Is Frozen

You can also combine the different article ideas you come up with such as:

 Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm When Panning For Gold in Winter

I will then continue on with the rest of what I wrote and write down any ideas that come to mind.

  • Best Amazon Products to Keep Feet From Sweating
  • How to Find More Than A Few Flakes of Gold
  • Waterproof Boots That Don’t Make Your Feet Sweat
  • How Did Indians Keep Their Feet Warm
  • Did Indians Ever Pan For Gold

As you can see my mind started thinking of Indian related questions. I will roll with it until my mind is a blank slate again. I may not use all of these article ideas, but it keeps me fresh so If I want to write and don’t have a topic in mind I will come to one of my pages like this and choose one.

  • Did Indians Make Waterproof Tipis?
  • How Long Did an Authentic Indian Tipi Last?
  • Which Indian Tribes Didn’t use Tipi’s

For these ideas I could either make an individual article for each or paste each of them into a blank document as a subheader and then make 1 long inclusive article about these subjects.

I then continue on fishing for ideas from my freewriting.

  • How to Sell a Large Gold Nugget
  • How to Build a Simple Cabin
  • Benefits of Living in a Rustic Cabin with no Plumbing
  • 10 People Who Live in Single-room cabins
  • Historic cabin schools that are still standing
  • How to Build an Outhouse
  • How to Clean an Outhouse
  • 10 People Who Fell Into an Outhouse
  • History of the Outhouse
  • 10 Myths about Wooden Outhouses

This is the process I’ll use to get ideas for articles and blog posts. This method also works great if you run a forum and are looking to seed it with new posts.

Remember, once you have developed ideas for posts, you must then write. A post title is no good if you never develop it out by actually writing. The key to good writing and earning money with your writing comes down to you actually writing. A poor writer who writes a lot will tend earn more money than a great writer who never writes. Plus, writing will improve your writing skills regardless of what level you are at currently.

In order to be a proficient writer you'll need to actually write. I repeat this because many writers get a lot of researching, outlining, and organizing, but neglect the actual writing part. Keep writing and don't use writers block as an excuse.