Getting ripped is a product of two things; a proper diet which lowers body fat and fuels muscle growth, and strength training which results in muscular hypertrophy. It’s one thing to be thin, but it’s another to be ripped. Most of us want something to show off when our body fat is low, rather than simply looking thin and unhealthy. This is where strength training comes in.

Weight training to get ripped is very different from weight training to build muscle mass or build strength, as it requires that you not only work your system an-aerobically through short intense lifts, but that you also work your body aerobically at the same time, forcing your body to increase its circulation of blood and oxygen in order to fuel your lifts. This is what causes blood to fill up your muscles, creating ‘the pump’, and giving you that temporary ripped look in the gym. After some time your body will reroute veins so they’re closer to the surface of your skin for increased blood circulation as well as burn off body fat. And this is that ripped look we’re all after.

The best ways to condition our bodies for this look, that is, to get ripped, is to train using supersets or small circuits, rather than individual lifts with long rest times. Condensing your workout in to as short a time as possible, while placing lifts immediately back to back will vastly increase the intensity of your sessions, resulting in more muscle stimulation, and it will create this all around ripped look in the muscles…assuming your body fat is low enough. And that leads us to the second challenge.

Eating to get ripped is also essential. Unless you’re gifted with a strong metabolism and a genetic predisposition to carry and keep muscle, then it’ll be tough for you to get ripped while maintaining muscle mass. It’s essential that you eat enough complex carbs, fruits, and vegetables to fuel your intense workouts, eat enough unsaturated fats, and eat enough protein to keep your system in a constant muscle building, fat burning state. This is beyond the scope of this site, but I give a specific recommendation below for those who are ready to take diet and getting ripped seriously.

How to Get Ripped

Abs and the midsection are generally the last part of the body to get ripped. This is because we are genetically predisposed to put fat on first, and take it off last from our midsection. Getting ripped abs requires extremely low body fat and developed abdominals. The abs can be trained frequently through high rep exercises like crunches or situps, or they can be trained less frequently and at a higher intensity through exercises like leg raises, planks, and v-sits.
The key is to remember that the higher the intensity of training, the more rest is require for your body to recover. While you can do crunches 3 to 5 days a week, you can only do higher resistance exercises like weighted crunches or leg raises 1 to 2 days per week. Both of these methods can allow you to get ripped abs, it’s just a matter of personal training preference and as always, sound diet.

How to get ripped fast is the question that plagues the fitness industry. Getting ripped slowly is the safest and smartest method of training, as your body will not be forced to extreme measures, and you’re more likely to maintain the results. Getting ripped quickly is indeed possible, but it requires intense and frequent training and a diet that cuts calories and includes calorie shifting or cheat days.

One should train 5 to 6 days a week, including three to four days of resistance training, performed in superset or circuit fashion, and then 3 to 5 days of interval training, to be done on a treadmill or kickboxing. On days where you do both, resistance training and weight lifting should precede interval training so as not to break down muscle to fuel intense resistance sessions.