Step Aerobic Exercise (28559)

Step aerobic exercise is a fun and effective exercise for getting slim. Step aerobic exercise is simply an aerobic exercise similar to traditional aerobics, except you have a plastic platform or "step" in front of you. Gyms usually offer one hour classes several times a week for beginners, intermediate exercisers and those that are advanced. Participating in a class 2 to 3 times a week is a great way to burn fat and calories and is an excellent exercise for your heart. If you are not comfortable going to a gym or working out in a group, step aerobics can easily be done at home; you simply need the right equipment.


The step includes he platform is approximately 3' x 1.5' and4 inches high and can risers to place under it to adjust the height. You should start with just the 4 inch platform if you are new to step aerobics and add height as their fitness level improves. You shouldn't raise the platform to more than ten inches high for safety. When participating in any aerobic exercise but especially step aerobics you should wear shoes that fit properly.

It is important to keep your head up, your shoulders down, you butt and abdominal muscles tight and your back straight. Don't allow yourself to bend at the waist while executing moves as this puts stress on your lower back and may cause injury. Using good posture helps prevent injury and aids in performing steps correctly. Many moves require you to lift up your leg with knee bent. You should never bend your knee more than 90 degrees.

Good instructors, at gyms and on DVDS, will demonstrate the proper way to execute each move in a routine before adding it to the class. Regardless of your general fitness level, if you've never done step aerobic exercises you should start in a beginner's class. All moves and routines, as well as clearly using names for such, are demonstrated prior to class starting. Intermediate and advanced classes often move along quickly and you can fall behind if you don't know the moves and their names. Be mindful that not all classes refer to the same move with the same name so even if you're experienced in step aerobics you should pay special attention to the moves and their names when entering a new class.

When setting up your step, leave plenty of room on the floor around you, both at the gym and at home. Many step moves require you to move several feet off the step. Place your foot firmly on the step, near the center when stepping up on the step. At first you may want to watch your feet, but soon you will get a sense of where the step is and will not have to watch. When stepping off the step place your whole foot on the floor, unless instructed otherwise. Most classes provide a mirror on one whole wall so you are easily able to check your posture and foot placement. This may not be possible at home, so pay special attention to the moves until you are comfortable with them. Including arm gestures with the leg movements adds more intensity and helps you burn more calories and fat.

Moves for Step Aerobic Exercise

The most basic step aerobicmove is to simply step up on and down off the same side of the step.It is as easy as it sounds, but after doing it many times your muscles will know they've been working. To put a little lift to the move add music – you end up putting some rhythm in your routines without trying very hard. For a more intense total body work-out do arm movements like basic bicep curls. Remember that executing the step moves and doing arm exercises together can take time to coordinate so that it feels comfortable. Be patient, drop your arms and get caught up on the steps if you fall behind. When you are comfortable with the steps, add back your arms.

The names of some step moves include: basic step, A-step, diagonal, charleston, rocking horse, over the top, across the top, corner to corner, tap up. All moves are a variation of the basic step. For example, to execute the diagonal step you simply step up onto the step, over it and then off the step on the other side in a diagonal, corner to corner lengthwise. You can do this move back left to right or right to left. Moves build on the basic step and each usually has a special arm movement which may be added if desired.

Most people able to exercise can do step aerobics. Some people with knee and ankle problems may have difficulty performing some of the moves, but they can usually participate by using a lower step.It is easy to slim down with step aerobic exercise, a fun and effective exercise.