Look Cool

Is it time for a pair of funky reading glasses?  If your arms are no longer long enough to read that menu, or you are tripping up people in the aisles by holding the menu out into the traffic  between tables, or maybe you are the other way, and look like you literally have your nose in a book, but don’t really need glasses full time, then maybe you should consider a pair of reading glasses.

You can get these in drugstores and department stores, and they are basically magnifying glasses.  There are no prescriptions involved.  If you need a prescription then you should get glasses through your eye doctor. But if you just need to magnify the words you are reading, then these are perfect for you, and usually under 30 dollars.  You can get them in different styles, but until recently the styles were pretty dated.  You simply found a pair that fit on your nose and off you went.

But there is no need to look like an old fuddy duddy, since the market on reading glasses has grown.  We should all get our eyes tested properly annually by a professional, but if you check out OK, and don’t want to purchase prescription glasses simply for reading, especially if you just need a bit of magnifying, then consider purchasing funky reading glasses.  You can now get these in fun and chic styles for all ages. 

With the affordability of these reading glasses, you can get a few pairs.  My hubby actually has about 4 pair of these because he refuses to wear them around his neck.  He keeps a pair in the garage/shop, a pair in the car and a pair in the house and a pair at work.  This way there is always a pair somewhere.  He doesn’t need to wear glasses normally, just when he needs to read something!

But some of the drugstores and discount department stores that sell them are still selling those older plain and boring styles.  If you take a look around, especially onlinefunky reading glasses at such sites as Amazon, you will see that there are more funky reading glasses on the market now.   No need to wear boring glasses when reading that report. Shout! Funky Designer Women's Black & White Reading Glasses with FREE Case by VisAcuity! Retro Style!

So, if you knew you could get chic, trendy and funky reading glasses, maybe you won’t mind taking them with you everywhere and not hiding when you need to read that menu, or quickly putting them on and then taking them off hoping no one saw them.

So, if maybe you just need a little bit of help reading, or don’t want to start ordering larger print books and magazines and are getting tired of holding that menu out at arm’s length to see what you want to order, then consider getting a pair of funky reading glasses, or maybe a few pairs to keep around your place, if you don’t like to carry them with you everywhere.

You can get them in different magnifications, from mild to strong.  You can also get them in half glasses, if you like to stare at everyone over your glasses!

Either way, you no longer have to look at those dusty ugly plain ones in the drugstores anymore, you can get funky reading glasses that make you feel good and suit your personality.  Also see reading glasses with lights for those late night reading sessions.