Well manicured lawns, an artful piece of shrubbery, granite walks and miniature gardens of stone, these are the lawns we envy. These are the lawns that draw our gaze as we drive by and cause us to unconsciously lift our foot from the gas as we gaze in wonder at the mastery of such work. As we continue along our drive we think to ourselves what lucky neighbors to be able to afford such extravagant means to beautify their yard. Alas, though our envy is in vain for it is the time put into the front lawn landscaping that makes it the epitome of grandeur, not the money. The catch is hiring a landscaper right? No, with a little imagination, time and perseverance you can have that beautiful lawn and you can do it yourself.

A visit to your local lawn and garden can be a helpful start to this endeavor. Know what you want out of your yard, budget accordingly, and don't be afraid to ask questions or change your mind. Nothing is set in stone. Let your imagination fly free. You can pick a theme, or you can go eclectic picking pieces from different genres for a look that is individually yours. In fact, you can keep it simple. A well manicured lawn is the perfect piece of landscaping. Pruned shrubbery, close cut grass that is well fertilized, well watered, and green along with some trees strewn in for shade is the perfect getaway. On those hot days of summer the passers-by will be as green as your grass at the sight of those shade trees.

Take it a step up and plant yourself a small flower garden. It will add some color to your lawn and you can circle it with stone for a homey/oriental look. The key to a well landscaped lawn is to not over do it. Color is essential, upkeep is the key but clutter is a factor you want to stay away from. Drawing the eye is a result to wish for, confusing and giving someone a headache is not. Be sure to plan your lawn before tackling the project. Going in with no organization whatsoever will end in a result of chaos. You may find yourself half way through with the project and decide to take another turn, or unsure of where to go from there. This can waste both your time and your money. Nobody wants this to be sure.

Front lawn landscaping can be done on your own using your own means. There is no need for a professional and no need to dish out the beaucoup bucks. But in order to accomplish such a task you need to prepare. So, make your decisions before starting, make your lists of needed items and budget, budget, budget. After that all you have to do is let your imagination finish the rest, set aside time to complete it and then enjoy a little glass of something tasty while basking in pride within the finished project.