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The success of the Mozilla FireFox browser especially when it come to experienced or advanced Internet users can be in a large part put down to options.FireFox offer an unrivaled list of add-ons and extras for it's users.You can quickly download everything from web designer tools to Facebook add ons.But you don't need to be an experienced Internet user to make the look of FireFox look great on your computer.

FireFox Themes

FireFox themes are similar to Myspace Layouts / Skins or Website templates.The difference is the theme you use is used everywhere you go.

Finding FireFox Themes

Screenshot Of The Zigboom FireFox Theme

get cool firefox themes

Finding and using FireFox themes is very easy, you can find a theme for your favorite Sports team to your favorite movie and from your favorite color to your star sign.

To sort through the options just go to Browse All FireFox Themes

You are guaranteed to find a FireFox theme to suit your taste, however the themes available can be limited by the version of FireFox you are using.To make sure you have the latest version of FireFox installed go to the FireFox Download page.

Did you know you can use Google image search to find perfect fitting desktop wallpapers ?

Screenshot Of Blood Fire FireFox Theme

get fire red firefox theme

Go spice up your FireFox browser !