Get The Best Workouts:

Nothing is worse than ending your workout knowing that you could have pushed yourself further.

When you plan a workout, you should know you’ll be exceeding well beyond your comfort zone. No matter what your goals are, if you want to improve your health and fitness, you need to push further than what you can normally do.

Competitive athletes know a little something about this and that’s what leads them to their results.


You don’t need to be a competitive athlete to get results. You do need to make your workout challenging enough to make you sweat, get a little dirty and get your heart rate beating faster but at a safe level.

Yes, you need to be safe because you shouldn’t skip steps ahead of yourself or you may get hurt. Challenge yourself with by progressing in more repetitions or less rest between sets. Without doing so, your results will be very slim to none and your health will not benefit from training.

Your body is a smart and sophisticated machine, you can’t let it get comfortable or it will adapt. Never let your body adapt to your training or it will have no reason to grow or get stronger.

Whether you plan to be the best athlete in the world or you just want a healthier lifestyle, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Your day will be much easier and more comfortable if you dedicate a small time exercising. During this time, you’ll be doing nothing but exercising unless you’re resting between sets.

And if you are resting, you will be thinking about your next set not about your next Facebook status. Fitness starts with the mind, so your full attention is needed.

Your mind leads your body. There are techniques and tips you can use to take advantage of your mind to body connection. If you use it, you will win more results than ever and it will show you that you can overcome any belief you have against yourself. You can do it!

The 5 Tips To Triple The Effectiveness


Lose the communication.

You're in the gym for anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. You do not need to communicate during this time or you will be distracting yourself from focus. You need to concentrate on your workout. The only time you should be distracted is if you have an emergency.


No Facebook updates and twitter messages are not an emergency. Unless you don't want to make 

You're there for one reason and one reason only. You don't need to be rude but you can excuse yourself and stay in the flow of your sets and rest periods. And believe me time does go by quickly when you chit-chat.the most out of your time in the gym, lose the distractions that mobiles cause. This also counts towards people who you might work out with. All talk without lifting is a major loss in your time and results. You can make a time for talking, but you committed to your workout. You didn't get a gym membership to be in a social club.


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Use your mind. You have a mind and it is highly recommended that you use it.

Your mind should be set on your workout before, during and after the gym. If you're heading to the gym thinking about tommorow, that will not benefit your workout. You can always look around the people in the gym after you finished your workout.


You need to think about how you can take every opportunity in that one hour or less to make the most for your goals and results. Without using your mind, you don't have focus and you won't push yourself the way you should be. During your sets your mind should be connected with your sets and the muscles being worked.

Focus on what you're targeting and imagine how it should look like. Arnold Schwarzenegger imagined mountains for his biceps. And Tiger Woods would imagine the golf ball going straight into the hole. Your mind is strong with images so use what you've been given.

After the gym you should think about what went right and what went wrong. So the next workout would be much more successful. Don't worry if you fail, that's where you can see what went wrong so next time will be successful. It doesn't matter if you fall, it's how you get back up.


Write down your workouts. If you're serious about your results you would already have your workouts planned before you start exercising. A workout log will keep track of your progress day-to-day. This is useful if you look back on what you were doing before to lose that 5 pounds you randomly

If you lost that much weight without a log of your workouts (and diet if possible) then you'll never know how you lose the weight. You'll just have a general idea of how you succeeded. You can keep track of your sets and details between your exercises. If you did one set of bench press for 12 repetitions than write it down: 1 set/12 repetitions bench press.

You can also write your weight, and how you feel before, during and after your workout. It may sound like a lot of work but believe me and anyone else who tracks their workouts, it's the simplest thing you can do. The hardest thing is actually standing in front of the mirror looking healthier and fit but without actually knowing what exactly helped you get there.

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Get your music. Everyone likes music, and some genres really help you get moving and motivated. Some prefer hip hop and some like heavy metal.

Find something for you and update your playlist now and then. Keeping songs that gets your heart rate up and motivation sky-high, will help you make the most out of your workouts.

Music will also help you stay focused since it will block out any background noise you may hear. Careful if you use it outside, you may want to know what's going on around you if you are exercising near the traffic.

Look into headphones that block out backgroundklk noise, these are the best for focus. Sometimes when you take off the headphones you'll forget how noisy the gym can be!


Get excited! You're going to lose weight. Your muscles are going to get bigger, or you want to get bigger glutes. No matter what your goal is, get excited before your workouts. This will help you visualize your workouts before you actually perform them.

Sometimes you may get so excited that you'll have trouble falling asleep. This is actually good and it means you're genuinely excited.hgjgthy

If you're not ramped up, then you can find more motivation perhaps by googling and watching YouTube videos of others that have successfully lost that 50 pounds that you want to lose or that bodybuilder who looks like they could lift a truck. Find your role model and this will help you get even more excited.

Keep your motivation fresh and do it everyday like bathing!

These are simple but yet effective tips that you can use to make the most for your results. Use them and make sure you're following a routine that doesn't over work you and at the same time it doesn't under work. Just remember there is no best routine, there is only the best of you performing it.


Work hard and play hard!