Celebrities with side fringe hairstyles have taken the red carpets, stage and screen by storm. Creating a flattering face frame and adding interest to your hairstyle, side fringe hairstyles are easy to wear and add a modern touch to your style. If you are interested in wearing a side fringe hairstyle, find a photo or two of a celebrity with a hairstyle you like and ask you stylist to recreate it in a way that fits your face shape, hair texture and density. 

Jennifer Aniston Side fringe hairstyle

There are many celebrities with side fringe hairstyles to give you inspiration. Jessica Simpson often wears a face framing fringe swept to the side that showcases her eyes and cheekbones. Jessica Simpson's full, side swept fringe is a perfect compliment to the long, flowing layers in her hair and the side swept fringe helps add interest and brings the eye to her face. Whether she wears her hair pulled into a sleek, high pony tail or in chic braids, having the side swept fringe softens Jessica's look and makes timeless, classic looks fresh and modern.

Jennifer Aniston side fringe hairstyle

Jennifer Nettles Side fringe hairstyle

Jennifer Nettles is another great example of a celebrity with a side fringe hairstyle. Keeping her natural waves and texture, Jennifer adds interest to her style by straightening just a few strands of a side swept bang that gently sweeps across her forehead. Keeping her hair curly and only straightening the front fringe area keeps Jennifer's styling time to a minimum and her hair is not stressed from excessive daily heat styling and blow drying. If you have curly or wavy hair like Jennifer Nettle's, be sure your stylist cuts your bangs while your hair is dry. Cutting wavy or curly hair when wet can be deceptive and your stylist may end up taking off too much length once the fringe area has dried. To avoid too short bangs, always have your stylist trim them dry and go slowly until you reach your desired length.

Jennifer Nettles hairstyle

Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle with side bangs

Reese Witherspoon is a fashion and hair icon who tries on different looks and likes to play with her hair. Reese often wears a heavy, side swept fringe that just dusts her eyebrows and frames her beautiful eyes. Reese likes wearing her side fringe pinned to the side, as well. Pinning her fringe to the side with vintage barrettes and head bands creates elegant and classic looks for Reese that you can easily imitate with a well cut side swept fringe. 

Emma Watson hair cut with fringes

Emma Watson is stunning in a pixie haircut that features side swept fringe. Emma's cut is precise and short and requires skill and expertise to pull off without looking harsh or masculine. By keeping the hair over her ears and at the nape of her neck soft and fringed, Emma avoids looking masculine. Adding femininity and softness to an extremely short pixie style haircut like Emma's is also accomplished by making sure your stylist leaves a long fringe that can be casually swept to either side. Creating a soft, long sweeping fringe on a pixie cut softens the look and helps frame the eyes and face of the wearer and gives styling versatility. Slick the side fringe back with gel for a classic, elegant look or pin them to the side with a bobby pin to create a demure, coquettish look. Shift the part on your side swept fringe to change up the look of your pixie cut and get as much style and versatility out of your look as Emma does.

Emma Stone hair styles with fringes

Another stunning Emma is Emma Stone. Wearing her signature red hue with side swept fringe gives Emma's look a classic and timeless elegance. Whether she is on the red carpet or strolling through town on her day off, Emma's hair always looks stylish and put together. Even when she is wearing a simple bun or top knot, the side swept fringe Emma wears creates interesting detail and a focal point that draws the viewer's eye to her face and eyes. Emma Stone has a longer side swept fringe that can be pulled into a pompadour pouf for styling versatility and fun. If you are interested in this type of fringe, ask your stylist to create a long fringe that can be tucked behind the ear or worn loose for optimum versatility. 

Olivia Wilde has been burning up magazine pages and the silver screen, but she is also one of the most in demand fringe requests in salons nationwide. Olivia wears a heavy, eye brow grazing fringe that can be worn either full or side swept. Having a fringe that offers the versatility of wearing them full and blunt or swept to the side gives you maximum styling choices and can help you change your look easily and completely  just by the way you style your fringe. 

There is no shortage to the number of ways you can wear bangs, but take a cue from the stars and select the ease and flattery of a side swept fringe. Look online and in magazines for looks worn by your favorite celebrities and take them in to your salon as a visual cue. Using the photos will serve as a guideline for your stylist and will help you relay the look and style you are after in a clear and concise way. Once you have your fringe trimmed into a flattering side sweep, keep them looking great with regular trims. Visiting your stylist every four to six weeks for a fringe trim will keep your bangs looking great and will keep them out of your eyes. Many salons offer free bang trims for their clients in between haircuts, so recreating and maintaining the posh look you desire should be a snap. Celebrities with side fringe hairstyles 2013 are a hot trend and will continue to inspire hair styles and looks throughout 2013 and beyond. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update your look, ask your stylist about a side swept fringe and see if it is the fresh new change you are craving.