Don't Have To Do Something You Hate

It is very common for people to complain about how much they hate their job and those who do not complain do so because after all everyone has to make a living. People settle for what they do because it pays the bills but that does not mean that it is their dream job. If you are not happy with your current job then why are you settling for it? Is it that you have responsibilities that you have to meet? Just because you have a family and a mortgage it does not mean that you cannot become the professional that you always wanted to become. Here are some tips that will take you there.

What You Want To Do

The first thing to getting the job of your dreams is to think of the one thing that you would like to do the most. Do not think of the money that you would get paid for doing that job, or the requirements to get that job. Just think of the one thing you would be doing if you did not need to make money. Something that you would do for free, but that people now get paid for is what you should consider your dream career.

Knowing what you want to do is the first step of getting it. Recently I attended a conference which included comic book legend Jon Bogdanove who is best known for his role in Superman comic books including the “Death of Superman”. He was an artist and he loved comics; he wanted to become a comic book artist, so one day his wife dialed the number for people in DC and handed him the phone. Out of that phone call one of the most amazing careers got started. Bogdanove knew his goal and went and got it even though to a lot of people it sounds like an impossible dream.

Now Think Of Requirements

Back To School You Go

Now that you know what it is that you want to do, you need to figure out what you need to do it. If what you need is college education that you do not have, then you should start planning to get that education. A lot of adults go back to college and you could do the same thing. If college education sounds like a lot of money, then look up what grants, scholarships or financial aid you can get. There are scholarships and grants for people who want to go back to college and you can also apply for state and federal financial aid including federal loans.

If time is an issue for getting those requirements then perhaps you could try a distance university program. Yes you will be busy for a couple of years, but you will get to do what you want to do the most for living after that. The payoff is so great that the effort that you will put in is worth it.

Sometimes the requirements include experience; if that is the case you can look for work or volunteer opportunities that will give you similar experience. Even if you do not get as much experience as it is normally required an employer may be willing to give you a shot if you can give him/her a reason to do so.

What If It Pays Less

Happy With Less

Some people will not make the change because they feel as if now they are making too much money. They would see taking a job where they make less money as a demotion. Here is something that you really need to think about: Is the money that you are making worth your happiness? How much is your happiness worth? The problem is that you do not like your life and you will only go through it once. If you waste a third of your life doing something that you hat because it pays better than something else, then is it really worth it?

If the money that you are making was really the most important thing then you would not complain about what you are doing. All the cars in the world cannot make you happy while you are in an office working from 9-5 or sometimes even longer hours.

Get Your Foot In The Door


If you have already decided that you know what you want to do and you can meet those requirements or you are in the way there, then it is time to get your foot in the door. The most important thing that you can do when you want to get your dream job is to meet people who can help you get it. That means that you will have to expand your social circle and meet people who do the same thing you want to do. There are ways to meet those people including sites like LinkedIn and MeetUp. Both of those sites function as a social media network and that makes it easier to meet others.

LinkedIn is a professional social media site where you can include your information and interests. You can ask to have someone as a contact and even send them messages introducing yourself. What I love about MeetUp is that it allows you to actually meet people face to face. If you wanted to work in theater, then there are groups of people who want to meet others with that interest. You hold a get together and soon your network expands. If a group does not exist yet, then you can create your own and attract the people who you want to attract.

Schedule Meetings

You do not have to feel intimidated when requesting a meeting with someone in the field. You may be surprised to find out that people in charge of companies or who can help you get there love meeting people like you. Of course not everyone is up for meetings with a complete stranger, so when you ask a meeting, introduce yourself and tell them that you like their work and wanted to talk to someone who knows about that work a lot and he/she was a natural choice. Believe it or not, most people will want to help you at least know what they do and they may even help you in your search for your dream career. Shyness is your enemy, so do not be afraid. Some will say no, but you will get a few who will say yes.