When buying a motorcycle it is oftentimes not a necessary item you are purchasing, it is instead a luxury item. If you want to buy a motorcycle it can be hard to not get your heart set on a particular motorcycle. You need to step back from the situation and realize that either the dealer can come down in price or you can find a dealer that is willing to give you a better deal simply to get your business.

Buying from a small dealer is not a bad thing. You may find that you pay a little bit more than if you traveled to a larger motorcycle dealership located elsewhere, but the customer service you receive locally can be priceless. With that in mind, if your only goal is to buy a new motorcycle from a dealer for as cheap as possible then here are some tips.

Shop Around online at dealers everywhere in the United States. Find the lowest cost possible and the take that price quote to a dealer that is located closer to where you live and see if he will match the price. If you have cash in your pocket and show him you are serious oftentimes they will work with you.

OTD stands for out the door pricing. We need to get our quotes OTD. If a dealer gives us a low quote on the bike but then adds on insurance, tax, and other miscellaneous fees it will drastically increase the cost of the bike. When requesting quotes from motorcycle dealers ask for and OTD quote.

Taxes vary from state to state so you may save money on motorcycle but then wind up paying more or less when you include the taxes into the equation. This is one of the reasons that you only want to ask for an "Out the Door" price quote on your new motorcycle.

If you are wanting to buy a specific brand of motorcycle such as Harley Davidson, then only talk to Harley Davidson dealers. When you go to a Yamaha dealership with and OTD price quote for a Sportster and ask them to match it they will laugh. You can get more bike for less money if you buy a Yamaha, but you will not have the name recognition.

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