Get The Most Out Of Your Linkedin Account

Linkedin is a fast growing social media site on which people and businesses can look at each others profiles. Businesses can advertise and put job vacancies on it, while job seekers, potential job hoppers and students can put their profile on this site.

Why is making an account on Linkedin so important? LinkedIn has more than 90 million users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The website offers users to publish their profiles in a varierity of languages like English, Spanish, German, French, etc. Your profile can literally be noticed by people from around the globe. Job offers, career opportunities and job seekers can meet each other quite conveniently by using their personal or companies profiles to publish/ post information on the site.

First of all, when you subscribe to Linkedin you should use your real name. If you decide to put a picture on your profile, put a professional looking photo and not an amateuristic and silly photo on it. I can recommend putting a photo on it, because you will be noticed more by headhunters.

Secondly, you should decide which previous jobs are worthy to be mentioned on your profile. A dishwashing job of two months long ago should'nt been mentioned. You can eleborate on your job positions. I really recommend you to ask old colleagues and friends to recommend your work.

Besides your job positions it's important to put some detailed information on Linkedin concerning your education. It depends on what you have studied and in which professional line of work you want to work or are working. An account can be brief about his education where a specialist can't. A Criminologist or Social Science graduate has to eleborate on at least a few of his courses to make it obvious which his or her specific abilities are.

You can upload your resume (only English written) to Linkedin to get a complete profile.

Most headhunters make use of a combination of social media and personal interviews when looking for a appropriate candidate for a job. So go to career events, wear a sharp suit (with tie and no button down collar) and subscribe to Linkedin right now!

Remember: A 100% profile on Linkedin has detailled information about your education, career, recommendations, a picture of you and some brief information about your interests and future goals.

Good job hunting!