Anyone who does business online is constantly seeking out new ways to get more traffic, increase their search engine rankings, and build their email lists. Some internet marketers are willing to try anything to ensure the success of their online businesses. Internet marketers will spend thousands of dollars on information products, software, and services to improve their site's search engine rankings and traffic along with building a list.

In addition to investing thousands of dollars on information products and tools, internet marketers invest a lot of time employing different methods to help their online businesses like: 

  • Article Marketing

  • Directory Submissions

  • Guest Blogging

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Keyword Research

  • Social Media Marketing on Twitter and Facebook

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Fortunately, there is a free tool available for internet marketers to use that will help them increase their traffic, increase their search engine rankings, and build their email list. in addition to that, you do not need to spend a lot of time using the tool. The tool is called JustRetweet.

How Does JustRetweet Work?

JustRetweet is credit based. There are 5 ways that you can get credits which is listed below: 

  1. Retweet someone's tweet or message via Twitter.

  2. Like someone's tweet or message via Facebook.

  3. Share someone's tweet or message via Google Plus.

  4. Follow someone on twitter.

  5. Simply purchase more credits.

Once you have credits you can use those credits to promote your website, a specific blog post, YouTube videos, articles, and your landing page to build your list. The way that it works is you would create a tweet or message in JustRetweet and assign the amount of credits that you will give to members who promote your tweet. You also can control where members promote your message. There are some members who prefer for their messages to be shared solely on Twitter, while others want their message to be promoted through Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Quick Tips When Using JustRetweet

  • Your message can only be 140 characters less your twitter handle name which means that your link will have to be shortened using a service like

  • In order to get more people to promote your message you may need to increase the amount of credits that you give people to promote.

  • A lot of people check the links within the messages that they are promoting before they promote them. So make sure that whatever you are sharing is quality and worth sharing.

How Can JustRetweet Increase Your Search Engine Rankings?

It is clear that using JustRetweet can increase traffic to your website and that increased traffic can increase the amount of people who subscribe to your email list. The thing that is not so clear is how can JustRetweet help with your search engine rankings.

If you are familiar with search engine optimization or SEO, then you know all about increasing the amount of back links to your website to increase your rankings in the search engines. However, the problem has been that a lot of these back links that people were getting to their websites were not natural. The engineers at Google have realized that many webmasters have manipulated the search engine rankings by building unnatural back links. As a result, Google has changed the way that they view back links in regard to search engine rankings.

Google is, however, is starting to place more weight on content that is shared on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Google understands that is very hard to manipulate multiple people liking and sharing your content. In addition to that, Google assumes that since people are sharing your content, then your content is of value and may need higher placement in the search engines. Consequently, web pages and content that has been shared on several social media platforms will most likely rank higher in the search engines.

So there you have it a free tool that you can use to increase your traffic, rankings in the search engines, and email subscribers.

If you are currently using or plan to sign up for JustRetweet, then please share your experience using the tool in the comments area below.    

Screenshot of JustRetweet's Website