Vitex, also known as chasteberry, is a flowering herb that provides many health benefits, particularly for women, and it has also been clinically tested to determine its safety and usefulness. If you are interested in learning more about several specific Vitex benefits, please read on.

Things You Will Need

Vitex which is also known as Chasteberry

Step 1

If you are female, consider taking this useful health supplement during PMS and/or menstruation. Vitex is particularly useful for soothing pain and suffering associated with premenstrual syndrome and menstruation. For instance, many women who take Vitex report to help reduce the size of their uterine fibroids and to reduce their cramping during PMS and menstruation. It also seems to help some women in the reduction of breast cysts.

Step 2

Regarding additional Vitex benefits, women who find themselves shifting into a phase of life called perimenopause (which is the hormonal phase that directly precedes menopause) often experience several upsetting symptoms, such as increased bloating and pain during PMS and during their periods, hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings, and other troubling symptoms, but taking vitex (exactly as directed) van help to relieve these symptoms significantly.

Step 3

Some women initiate hormone therapy to aid them in reducing symptoms associated with PMS, menstruation, perimenopause and/or menopause. But a lot of women find themselves drawn to Vitex and Vitex benefits (as an alternative to various kinds of hormonal treatments) because when you take herbs (such as Vitex) you are not adding more hormones to your body. Rather, you are simply using herbs to stimulate your own already existing hormones in healthful, beneficial ways. For example, researchers have found that Vitex acts on the pituitary gland, triggering increased progesterone production and lowering production of another hormone called prolactin. The combination of these two actions are what enable you to enjoy Vitex benefits.

Tips & Warnings

While many women enjoy Vitex and feel that they are reaping many different Vitex health benefits, it is also important to be aware that not every herb is appropriate for every individual, and you will want to talk to your doctor before embarking on any home remedies, including herbal remedies such as Vitex.