Many times people we know will become ill and we want way to show them we are thinking about them. You may just want to send them something nice or take a simple gift along when you go to see them. One of the most common gifts for our sick friends and family members would be get well plants, or get well flowers. These gifts are very welcomed, and are thought of as a very kind gesture. It is important however to remember that if your friend or family member is hospitalized they may have restrictions on live plants. With some conditions it could be dangerous.

If your friend or family member that you are sending the get well plants to is in a hospital there could be certain limits to the kinds of flowers you can give them. This usually includes more fragrant types of flowers. The concern is the allergy risks. It would be wise to send a less fragrant variety of flower to anyone who is staying in the hospital. It would be awful to send someone a flower and for them to be forced to throw them out.

With some illnesses flowers simply may not be an option. People with a respiratory illness will likely have to avoid flowers all together. It would be best to send someone suffering from a respiratory problem a flowerless get well plant rather than a get well flower. The person receiving the gift will still appreciate the gesture just as much as a flower. Which they would not be able to enjoy anyways.

If your loved one is suffering from a very serious illness, perhaps a life threatening disease, will probably appreciate it most if you send them flowers that won't die. This will be a lot more true for people who are permanently hospitalized or put in a place such as a hospice facility. It would be a much better idea to get them a potted plant rather than one that was cut. The enjoyment they get from the flowers may be able to help them live a little longer and will make their lasts days more enjoyable.

Sending sympathy or get well plants to a person who is sick is a great and time honored way of letting people know you care and that you are thinking about them. They will help the sick friend or family member have brighter days and it will cheer them up. If you can't be there in person and you still want to let them know you are thinking about them, sending a get well plant is a great way to let them know.