I must admit, at first I was skeptical about Windows 7. After Windows Vista, I had doubts that Microsoft would ever be able to put out another decent operating system.

In fact, Vista is what pushed me to get a Mac. The Mac OS is the most stable, most powerful operating system I have used to date. Certainly, it IS lacking in the games department, but more and more software developers are catching on and developing games for the Apple platform as well.

However, after downloading Windows 7, I must say I'm rather impressed.

Seven offers a wide range of improvements over its predecessor. The task bar is now beautifully designed. It is fully transparent (with Aero) and responds to mouse location and movement with beautiful effects.

Windows 7 Screenshot

So far, Windows 7 has been much more stable than Vista with fewer compatibility problems than its predecessor.

A good rule of thumb is this: If a program didn't work with Vista, it probably won't work in Windows 7.

If a program did work in Vista, it should work great in Windows 7.

But, Microsoft actually got smart this time and added what they call 'XP Mode' to Windows 7. XP Mode works with a free download from Microsoft that allows users to run a fully-functional version of Windows XP inside of 7 for those programs that didn't work on Vista and don't wo rk on Windows 7.

This should give business and enterprise users more peace of mind when considering upgrading to Windows 7.

While I won't be abandoning the Mac OS (I still like it better) I will definitely be keeping an eye on Windows 7.

Seven is available as a free download from Microsoft through June 2009 and will be available to purchase as a final version in October.

If you follow the latest and greatest happenings in the world of technology, you should give Windows 7 a fair look.