Zip Line TowerFor over a century Canton, Texas has been home to a famous monthly get together. Canton's First Monday Trade Days is home to 7,000 vendors who open booths the weekend before the first Monday of the month. While Canton's First Monday is widely known there is a new activity in town. Now you can see the forest from the trees! Well, you can see some forest, and all the activity going on down below at the Trade Day's swap meet.

Map Canton TexasGetting wired suddenly has a new meaning for the 500,000 tourists that visit Canton, Texas every month. Wired is the new zip line challenge course staffed by Zipmasters whose sole purpose is to make sure you have a wild ride. The zip course is located right across from Canton's First Mondays Trade Day's entrance. First Monday visitors can easily find the zip line course by traveling down Highway 19.

Zip Line RideZip lining has long been a past time in Texas and the folks at Wired sure made a great course. A person can take the family along (10 and up) as the employees at the zip line tour company pay excellent attention to safety. It is ok if you have never zip lined before because these guys and gals make sure your well trained before you start. Taking a trip to the Wired zip line course will make you a professional in no time.

Zip Line SafetyEveryone must complete the Wired Ground School before they can ride the zip lines at Wired. A rider is taught about zip line safety, and techniques to make the ride enjoyable. A guide will show you how to use a zip line pulley to brake properly. You must be able to demonstrate braking with the zip line pulley. Everyone gets to take a couple practice trips to gain confidence and get some experience. When you are ready you can take the test to see if you get your wings. During the test you will be put up on a short zip line cable and asked to prove that you understood the instruction. If you get through the Wired Ground School you get your Wired Wings and you are ready to fly.

Zip Line PulleyThe first part of the course is a 95 foot climb up into the air on a spiral staircase. Your zip line guides are with you every step of the way; encouraging you to make the climb. When you reach the top you are almost ready. One guide will zip down the line first to reach the next platform. This will be the guide that shows the signals you learned during training. Remember when the Zipmaster shows you the signal its time to use the zip line pulley to brake.

Wired Sign3,500 total feet of zip line course exists on the zip tour at Wired. This means that Wired is the longest zip line tour in Texas. Every day the course is checked by guides to make sure everything is safe for riders. The course is built from 1/2 inch airline cable and industrial strength steel. Wired was designed to be the ultimate zip line course for fun and safety.

There are a few requirements that a person must pass before they can go on a zip line tour at Wired. You can't wear open toed shoes on the course. You must wear all the safety equipment provided and long hair needs to be pulled back. You need to be in relatively good physical condition to ride at Wired. The guides pay close attention to the rules as the top priority at Wired is safety.

Wired Ground SchoolRiding at Wired is a zip line adventure you won't forget. The guides take pictures of your trip, and really make it a great experience. You can drop by the zip line course on any weekend. While walk-ins are welcome it is best to call ahead. The zip line course is a great way to build company relationships, as well as building lasting memories with family and friends. The next time you travel to Canton, Texas stop in and get Wired, you won't regret it.