Most mothers complain about their body never been the same after childbirth. Tremendous strain is applied on the woman's body during pregnancy and the actual delivery. Under normal circumstances, the body has been so programmed to heal itself after a while, but certain issues have been widely noticeable; stretch marks, bulgy tummy, excessive weight increase etc. A lot of changes come to the body as a result of pregnancy, but new moms need not to worry as there are steps top take to get the body back to shape:

• The Pelvic region needs all the strength it could get to begin to function properly again. Engage in kegel exercises; after seeking the advice of your doctor, though. Women's health benefit of a strong pelvic muscle should have every woman wanting to engage in kegel exercise everyday. This exercise increases the intensity of the orgasm, since it is the same muscle that is engaged during orgasm. Kegel makes the vagina more sensitive and heighten your sexual satisfaction making you feel your partner much more inside. Am very sure one question begging for answer is what exactly is this Kegel exercise? It is named after Arnold Kegel (do a quick search), designed to exercise the pubococcygeal muscles and restore it back after pressure from such situations as: childbirth, overweight, ageing, pregnancy and their likes. Seek an expert advice, but there is a whole lot to benefit from kegel.
• A gently stroll is encouraged few days after childbirth. Do not over walk yourself. Retire immediately when tired.
• The new mother needs a lot water to replace lost body fluid after the actual birth, coupled with the fact that breastfeeding the new born drains a lot from the mother. Take in lots of water; first thing in the morning, during the day and last thing at night.
• Another very essential routine is a perfect rest. Get plenty of sleep. You could have a day time nap; the body has a way of rebuilding lost energy after such.
• Newly delivered mother as a matter of warning should desist from engaging in any dieting to loss that extra weight gained during the pregnancy period. The body needs all the energy gotten from taking healthy meals. Apart from running the risk of a reduced energy level, you could deny your baby the required nutrients through breast milk.

Getting your body back to that once top shape is possible. It needs discipline and patience. Most importantly, the child should be most considered before taking any decision about keeping in shape. Most mothers would choose to deny the child breast milk after some few months of breastfeeding with the excuse of wanting to keep the breast from sagging. Come off it, that breast is put there for that child, I remember my maternal uncle telling me his mom told him he suck on hers till he was 2, can you beat that. Seriously, the sucking by the child actually puts the breast in good shape.

So mothers, loss no sleep about that extra weight, you could still flaunt that irresistible shape you once had but be careful how you flaunt it, so as not be "sentenced" to another 9months immediately by your spouse, if you understand what I mean. Cheers!