Let’s face it girls are emotionally fragile creatures. Many guys don’t take this into account when they try to win back their ex-girlfriends. Whether it was you, or her who ended the relationship, the fact still remains that you played some part in screwing up the romance.

Various ploys can be used to temporarily get your girlfriend back, but that is not healthy for a long-lasting relationship. If you’re looking to win back your girlfriend in the hopes of a quick hook up. Even though this might suck, being a boyfriend requires some form of an emotional commitment. If you aren’t serious in starting a serious relationship with your counterpart, you’ll be stuck in the endless cycle of making up and breaking.


5 Tips to Get Back Your Girlfriend:

1. Make her realise how much she means to you

If you don’t love her, don’t say you do. Even if those are the words she wants to hear, uttering them will make you a liar. You need to be honest with her, even if it means hurting her feelings. For a relationship to last, you both need to be honest with one another.

2. Make her feel special

Show her that she’s special to you. Generating flattery will bring her closer to you, whilst in the process your emotional bond will deepen as her feelings grow. You can achieve this by bringing her flowers, making her dinner, and so forth. But try to go beyond that and think outside the box. Write her a letter, poem, or song expressing how you feel about her. Even if you’re not literate, poetic, or musically gifted, it does show that you care. And although having one of the talents above does help, most girls will be contented by the mere fact you took the time and effort to do those things.

3. Do not rush things, give her space

Don’t push her into returning to you. At this stage, she may be confused and vulnerable. Give her time and space if she requests it. It’s up to you as to whether you’re willing to wait. If you really love her, you will.

 4. Do not be clings/possessive/controlling

Yes, show that you care about her. But do not be clingy, possessive or controlling. Possessing any of these traits is a definite turn off. Think about it, if a girl you were in a relationship with was any of these three things, that wouldn’t be so hot now, would it?

5. Do not smother her or get too emotionally invested

At least to the point where you care about her way more than she cares about you. Not only will this give her all the power in the relationship, enabling her to push you around, this will also make her feel awkward and suffocated.


So what if I’ve done all these things and she still doesn’t want to get back together?

Move on, it’s as simple as that. You’ve shown her you cared, that you’re willing to put time and effort into the relationship. It’s up to her as to whether she wants to proceed. In the meantime, find someone else. This is a win/win situation, because if she truly cares about you, she would not want to see you with another girl. It’s like shock therapy, get you never realise how much something means to you until it’s gone.