If you're planning on getting your hair dyed, you need to figure out the color that best fits your skin color. After you figure out which color, you need to decide if you're going to go with one color or highlights, and then who you are going to have do your hair (whether yourself, or paying someone else to do it).

If you're planning on trying out blonde hair, you need to figure out if it's going to look well on you. While some people can get away with just about any hair color, 0ther people are best to stick with one particular color if they want to look attractive. When choosing blonde, some indicators that will help you decide if blonde will look look on you are:

  • As achild you had blonde hair (if blonde looked good on you as a baby it'll most likely look good on you as an adult).
  • If you have pinkish skin that burns easy and hve green or blue (don't do any strawberry shades of blonde however).
  • If your skin has yellow hue, don't do a golden blonde color.
If you plan to dye your hair blonde, for best results, don't do a color more than 2 shades your natural hair color.

If you're planning on going to a brown hair color, the shade you should choose is based on your skin tone. If you are pale or fairly pasty white, you should do a lighter brown color, whereas if you have darker skin, a dark brown will suit you best.

If you're thinking about doing red hair for your hair color adventure, you will happy to know that the good news is, is just about any skin tone can get away with red hair. However, the bad news is you can easily choose the wrong shade of red which can totally ruin your appearance. For best results when going red for your head color, you should have a professional hair stylist do the hair dyeing.

If you're pretty happy with your natural hair right now (and it matches your skin tone), maybe you should think about doing highlights instead of doing one single hair color. When having your hair highlighted, you should use at least two different shades. Especially think about have the hair color around your face highlighted which will enhance your complexion. One bonus when doing highlights for your hair is that instead of lasting four to eight weeks when looking a single color dyeing, highlights can last for up to three months.